The Work has Started. Help Needed Already

And by the time it gets published will probably be my third published book. At the moment I can’t refer you to Amazon, but we do have one book under contract with Wiley, tentatively titled Mouse Pigmentation Genetics.

The new book:

Biology for Normal People

I’m talking real biology, no games, no metaphors, no fairy tales, no debates. Just the provable facts. I sincerely believe anyone who wants to can understand the most simple basic laws of nature, and I also believe this information is being withheld from the people. It’s so nice to know something powerful that someone else doesn’t know, isn’t it. But we are on a campaign to prevent the withholding of this factual information. So that’s the background.

I could use a little help with the first chapter.

I want to start off with everyone on the same page, so we need to agree on what we are talking about — what we are trying to understand is the place where we live, right? Biology is the study of life, so we are going to talk about the place where life exists. On this earth, where life can and does exist. How should we name that place?

The Earth Ecosystem?
The Creation?
The Biosphere?

And for all you creationists out there, I’m especially happy to have your input because I already know a scientific definition. What exactly is your definition of The Creation (the creation we live in, not the event)? What is the difference between the ecosystem that we live in and The Creation. Aren’t they the same thing? If not why not?

Thanks all, I will appreciate whatever you have to say, and I may quote you.

So Let’s Write the Book

It drives me crazy the media trying to teach us to not think, but only respond to their hype like a bunch of Pavlov’s dogs (Wikipedia should have that). We are not so dumb as that. So let’s get started. A book that explains the real facts about biology. Tentative title, “Biology for Voters and Activists and Politicians and Fundamentalists and other Normal People” Facts will be separated from opinions and fairy tales. (Fairy tales includes metaphors.)

Anyone who wants to participate is welcome. You will be credited if your questions or comments (or pictures or videos or drawings) are used in the book. For the videos we will have an online version or a DVD.

We will start the book with a question: What is The Creation (That is, strictly what it is now.)

My definition, which I swiped from Huston Smith (one of our prominent philosophers and scholar of comparative religion) in “Why Religion Matters.”: “Everything, as it is.” I checked with a religious site on the web and it agreed with that definition. So if anyone can provide a better definition and explain why it is a better definition with which to begin a book about the science of biology, please do so.

New Day

Today dawned under a dusty blue sky decorated with wispy pink clouds. The front blew over about an hour later, the front edge yellow-orange, the following clouds in shades ranging from charcoal to silver Cadillac. Churning and roiling in the wind. The little birds scattered for cover and Buttermilk Pie headed for the front door. The buzzards rose up from their nest behind the oak trees and coasted down the front, again and again, like eight-year-old kids sliding down a banister until, about in another hour. Crisp blue cloudless Yankee air took over.

090403buzzard_dsc0186ss1I stood in he wind-whipped pasture, turning and turning, trying to see 360 degrees all at the same time – in awe of the power that brings life to our relatively small bit of space rock. Wishing that everyone could know this Creation.

The buzzard, she is my neighbor after all, dipped her wings to me.

Arguing over something that doesn’t exist is a waste of energy if your goal is to grow a safe and compassionate community.

There is a lot of coverage of Darwin and “Darwinism” in the newspapers this past week because it is Darwin’s 200th birthday. It’s also Lincoln’s, but as Jim Lehrer pointed out on Friday the 13th: “Nobody is arguing about whether or not we should teach Lincoln’s ideas in our schools.” So of course the question is why are we arguing over “Darwinism?” “Darwinism” no longer exists. The modern science of evolution is not “Darwinism.” The modern science of evolution is 150 years more accurate as a result of diligent application of the scientific method to test the original ideas of Darwin. So of course it is easier to make people angry over “Darwinism.” Darwin got a few details wrong.  Using the modern theory it is easy to demonstrate that evolution is an ongoing process that is essential to the survival of our ecosystem.

Our ecosystem, of course, is a functional subunit of The Creation (noun). According to Huston Smith, a pre-eminent scholar of comparative religion, and according to “Your Dictionary” and “TheFreeDictionary” online, The Creation (noun) is: “The universe and everything in it; all the world; the world and all things in it.” In other words, it is us and everything else that we are able to study.

Religion studies The Creation (noun) using the wisdom of the ages of man as it has been handed down in the sacred texts.

Science studies The Creation (noun) by analyzing measurable facts using the scientific method, because that’s what science is — the study of measurable facts using the scientific method. Religion does not use the scientific method. Neither does creationism or the various new versions of creationism. Therefore, neither religion nor creationism is science.  Also, science is not religion.

It is not surprising that each discipline would want to study The Creation (noun).  The Creation is everything. What else would we study?  But there is nothing to compete about because there is no similarity or connection between science and religion except that they are both important and they are both interested in studying The Creation (noun).

Who isn’t?

Why are we arguing over a difference that does not exist?

Perhaps this argument over a difference that does not exist is only a hook that is being used to make people angry — because angry people bring with them a lot of power.

But surely not the power of the God of Love.

What power then? For what purpose?