What Obama Test, this is Your test.

Obama’s test

From Lynn Lamoreux
Obama can do nothing without real physical, knowledgeable, wise, nonviolent front-line Support


From May Boeve, 350.org


I think this is going to be the year we start to turn the climate crisis around.

Everywhere I look, good people are working harder than ever to build a better, safer, more sustainable world. From Canada to India to Texas, people are demanding that better world.

The first battle of 2013 is right around the corner, when President Obama makes his decision about the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. That’s why we’re working with the Sierra Club, the Hip Hop Caucus and folks from across the movement to host a giant action in Washington DC on Presidents Day weekend to send a message that this is the issue that will define his presidency.

You’re one of the 10,000 people who have already signed up to be there. That’s pretty good, but we want to make this the largest climate rally in history.

We’ll need to top 20,000 if we want to make an impression. Can you share the good news about the action with your social networks and get your friends to join you?

Also, details are falling in to place for the action. We will be starting at Noon in downtown DC (we don’t yet know the exact location, we’re waiting on some permits to finish clearing).

Also, we’ve worked out several arrangements for housing and transportation.

You can find or offer a carpool to D.C. by joining the Forward on Climate group at Ridebuzz.org, and you can find or offer personal housing in the D.C. area at a similar CouchSurfing.org group. If you are bringing a large group, you may also find the Washington Peace Center’s website helpful for finding housing. We will continue to post more details as they become available, including info on renting buses.

If the President intends to take us forward into a clean energy future — rather than let us slide into climate chaos like what we only just began to glimpse in 2012 — then Keystone XL will be the first and simplest test of how serious he is.

TarSandsHoustonASC_1758President Obama alone has the power to reject the pipeline — but we have the power to force him to make the right decision. That means a big action on the 17th. Can you share the news about the 10,000 signups with your social networks?

This is our year. This is our future. Let’s demand a better one.



Who Cares?

This action occurred right here in River City (Texas) about 90 miles from my homeland. Did you see it in the news? I think Texans did not, so why not just pass this on to as many people as you know.


The Los Alamos action was I think disappointing to the people who worked so hard on it but I was greatly impressed. Obviously the goal of the corposystem media is to prevent these people from trying again by making them believe their efforts are to no avail, and as Americans we tend to believe that if we don’t win (or if we can’t be a hero) we didn’t make a difference. I think we should try to do something (like maybe a half-hour national program, like maybe discussing these issues with people at the morning dominoes table in the spirit of “what can we do,” and not in the spirit of “aint it awful.”) that points out these scattered events are happening all over the united states, brings them together, and makes some common points.

We are being separated from them by a wall of propaganda that tries to make us believe that our shopping malls are an ongoing way of life, and that we can’t talk about the issues of real importance — even for the children!!! In fact the world of our modern American media is a fake fairytale that will crash down on our children’s children (crash slowly or fast, who knows, but we could be trying to prevent it with greater awareness). Even if we don’t believe we can win and even if we can’t be a hero.

Who says winning is the point. I run across so many people who won’t try unless they are sure they can win, and of course — they don’t. The real heroes are those who are trying in spite of the fact that the media prevent them from either winning or being heroes. The worse it gets, the more we will need these people. The future grows out of every behavior we do – every day – win or lose or invisible. Or as one Buddhist said: “It’s not about me, but what I do or don’t do does make a difference.”

Photography by GarthLenz.com

Alberta Tar Sands


Please go to the web site of the photographer GarthLenz and click on his touring exhibit, Tar Nation. Don’t forget to click on the captions. For example this one.

“To date, 4500 square kilometers have been directly impacted by the mines. Alberta Energy has reported that the landscape being indusrialized by rapid tar sands development could easily accommodate one Florida, two New Brunswicks, four Vancouvers and four Vancouver Islands.”

Please then think about it this way. Which is more important to life, a permanent source of food energy (produced and maintained by living organisms – look at the entire exhibit and you will see what they are tearing out) or a one-time source of energy for machines that will destroy productivity of such a large area. Which is more important, your car or your grandchildren’s children?

And you probably want to read the article at Earth Island