What Obama Test, this is Your test.

Obama’s test

From Lynn Lamoreux
Obama can do nothing without real physical, knowledgeable, wise, nonviolent front-line Support


From May Boeve,


I think this is going to be the year we start to turn the climate crisis around.

Everywhere I look, good people are working harder than ever to build a better, safer, more sustainable world. From Canada to India to Texas, people are demanding that better world.

The first battle of 2013 is right around the corner, when President Obama makes his decision about the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. That’s why we’re working with the Sierra Club, the Hip Hop Caucus and folks from across the movement to host a giant action in Washington DC on Presidents Day weekend to send a message that this is the issue that will define his presidency.

You’re one of the 10,000 people who have already signed up to be there. That’s pretty good, but we want to make this the largest climate rally in history.

We’ll need to top 20,000 if we want to make an impression. Can you share the good news about the action with your social networks and get your friends to join you?

Also, details are falling in to place for the action. We will be starting at Noon in downtown DC (we don’t yet know the exact location, we’re waiting on some permits to finish clearing).

Also, we’ve worked out several arrangements for housing and transportation.

You can find or offer a carpool to D.C. by joining the Forward on Climate group at, and you can find or offer personal housing in the D.C. area at a similar group. If you are bringing a large group, you may also find the Washington Peace Center’s website helpful for finding housing. We will continue to post more details as they become available, including info on renting buses.

If the President intends to take us forward into a clean energy future — rather than let us slide into climate chaos like what we only just began to glimpse in 2012 — then Keystone XL will be the first and simplest test of how serious he is.

TarSandsHoustonASC_1758President Obama alone has the power to reject the pipeline — but we have the power to force him to make the right decision. That means a big action on the 17th. Can you share the news about the 10,000 signups with your social networks?

This is our year. This is our future. Let’s demand a better one.



The Los Alamos Six (LANL-6)

You all know that I participated as a photographer and recorder of the four-day Nuke Free Now conference last year, where speakers, protestors, poets, musicians and academicians united to give the best all around informational conference I have ever attended on a subject that is not directly in my field. I say best because it was informational and well rounded in that area. I mean, no lies no yelling about false claims all that nonsense we get on the radio and TV. Which reminds me, I didn’t see them on the radio or TV. Neither have I seen the protestors in Nacogdoches who have some folk in jail for impeding the “right” of the corposystem to take whatever land and do whatever they want to with it. I’ll be up there with my camera as well.

But for now I want to tell you about six of the protesters at Los Alamos National Laboratories who were put in jail for — I’m not sure, all I saw them do was block the road, and that happens on my street every day.

Maybe you would enjoy reading about this a bit more from one of those who was arrested. The six come up for trial on the 9th of this month. Read the discussion also, it seems those who commented are very well informed on this subject. And when I have a bit more time I’ll throw up a couple of pictures Bitsy and I took at the Los Alamos Conference. Meantime both pictures in my most recent blog were taken at last year’s conference. If you want to become involved this year, contact NukeFreeNow or
More info: Pam Gilchrist or 505-474-9288

Not All Texans are Wimps*

Oil Sands Sign up to join the Mass Action and Training Camp to Stop Keystone XL on Monday, January 7th.

Please, begin to make your travel arrangements today. The training will likely be in the Nacogdoches, Texas area and we’ll be contacting you with more details soon.

SCHEDULE (Jan. 3rd – 8th):

Thursday, Jan. 3rd – Travel & Arrival

Friday, Jan. 4th – Day 1: Direct Action Training Camp
Saturday, Jan. 5th – Day 2: Direct Action Training Camp
Sunday, Jan. 6th – Day 3: Direct Action Training Camp
Monday, Jan. 7th – Mass Action to Stop Keystone XL
Tuesday, Jan. 8th – Debrief and Depart

Everyone should come prepared to camp out in the cold. If you are interested in risking arrest you must attend the Training Camp.

Questions? In the meantime if you have any questions about travel or details please email:

Together we have the power to stop this toxic tar sands pipeline!

Tar Sands Blockade

That’s the end of the TSB communication.  I’m sure you all remember Diane Wilson’s presentations to Bioneers and her books about the chemical industries and their effect on the fishing communities of South Texas less than a hundred miles from this complacent community where I have lived until they fouled he air, water and land.  Even a cat knows enough to use a litter box.  (Bitsy and I will be at the action.)

(*Let’s say a wimp is a follower who goes for the social strokes, rather than than actually fact-check the propaganda and then do what is right.)