My Favorite Times

When the sun sets gloriously on one side of the world while the full moon rises on the other side.

Abilene is absolutely not the prettiest town I have ever seen

The people there do not treat you mean. One of them said: “If you were my granny, I would go right back to the Wal-Mart and make them take back that battery.”

but nevertheless I moved on to Roby.

That’s pretty much the whole town back there. My kind of place.

Texas Skies

The Texas Sky Book has been well received, so we will add a few more pages to it and republish. This is Britten’s pasture across the road.


I got so excited about the discussion group (discussing the book we all wrote on this blog over the past couple/three months) that I almost forgot to upload my Wednesday post. So I’ll give you a nice sunset to show that God is in his heaven in Texas, but she may be a little bit irritated that College Station is killing off a whole bunch of the surviving post oaks on the other side of the house.

Probably Sunday will be a bit late also as there is no phone at the retreat, but by then I should be able to give a bit of a report on what we talked about.

Easter Moon

090408_dsc0245lssI was standing out in the pasture under the multihued Texas Sunset when the Great Blue Heron sloped down to our pond out of a blue-grey sky.

090408moon_dsc0239ssWhen I turned to look — over my shoulder — the Easter moon was rising.

Reality is an Upper

“I think the pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of reality, because illusion never leaves us ultimately happy.  Flip out into too much reality and you get corrosive cynicism. . . flip out into too much possibility and you get irrelevant idealism, which sounds very different, but . . . both take us out of the action.”  Because neither addresses the reality of our problems.

That last bit is a paraphrase of the rest of the quote by Parker Palmer on the Bill Moyers program February 20.  You can download this from, the Bill Moyers blog.  Interesting thoughts.

It made me wonder where did we ever get the notion that it is more fun to beat up on other people than it is to learn from them.  Watch the three-year-old who sees her first kitten; look at the 8 year old who has learned to read and opens up his first grand mental adventure; rejoice with the teenager who has discovered the power of her choices, minute to minute, to mold a future filled with possibilities.

The joy of accomplishing really good things is the joy of learning how things really work.

Asking the Right Question

For the past couple of days I’ve put together some of the things I care most about.

Bitsy.  My friends.  My “ranch.”  The sun setting behind the old oak tree in Texas.  The sun rising behind a fine, great palm tree in Bali.  My friend Sang-tu and his new daughter.  My religion and my science, and the whole great earth.

What’s my point?081219tgt_dsc8105ss

The point is that I’m not interested in politics, nor in manipulating people. Not one bit. I am interested in the factual reality of life on earth, and I can love this fine life at the same time I look at the factual truth straight, flat head on.  And pitch in to help.  Helping is a good thing; people were meant to help; it enriches our lives.

Life is what it is; we can love it and take care of it at the same time.