Play to Win

Our culture is a fascinating imitation of reality:

Fake love/compassion of the hero-winner who must rescue the victim, in order to believe that he is doing something worthwhile;

Fake victims, must espouse (or truly have) some kind of malaise, so the hero-winners will have someone to rescue;

Even – God help us – fake villains to make sure the hero/victim game keeps on cycling and recycling so that the majority of people will continue distracted with their communal malaise — while the villains gather in the fruits of everyone else’s (fake) emotional energy.

It’s the co-dependence game played out at level two (the community/cultural level) and formalized at level three (the corposystem).

Down here at level one (the individual) it’s not easy to see how to lead a successful life without getting tangled up in all the fake games. Especially because the players get real upset with non-players. But the first step might be to look to the future instead of to one’s own self, and try to image and now live the kind of culture that we say we are trying to build. This helps to clear away the clouds of fake conflicts enough that we can then look at how all these games feed our own egos but do not build real community.

Everyone gets to pretend she is better than some one of the others. Heroes are better than villains and victims, villains are better than heroes and victims. The victim lifestyle feeds the infinitely voracious egos of the villains and the heroes. And we spend all our lives either doing something “worthwhile” or making someone else feel “worthwhile.” And we never get wherever we thought we were going, but only pass this lifestyle of suffering on to the next generation.

Look around you – whoever you are! The nicer we are the more suffering we are causing, and we are all spinning that wheel harder and harder and harder, like a bunch of little mice all running in the same direction in our self-enforced categories on the wheel of our culture – sacrificing our personal power on the altar of our co-dependent culture.

It’s time to wake up and look at the reality of what we are doing, why we are doing it, and the pain it causes us and each other. Certainly we are not changing anything about the future that we claim to be working for. We are working like hell to reinforce the system that we claim to fight against, and in so doing we are causing yet more suffering for future generations.

But it’s really hard to opt out. The Heroes won’t like you and the villains will try to extinguish the flame of your personal power.

Whoever wins this game – loses, because we cannot stop the game by playing the game. Nor can we find love or compassion in a life-style that is so focused on ourselves. Because everyone else is also focused on themselves, and none of them really cares about a compassionate whole. They think they do — but love is NOT a game, and it is not about focusing on ourselves, whether we are victims – or heroes – or even villains.