Asking the Right Questions?

Hiroko Tabuchi reports on the deflation that results when consumers fail to heed the advice of the growth economy and begin to live within their budgets and long-term rational expectations.  Actually most of that first sentence represents my own opinion upon reading the article.  The author never questioned the desirability of infinite growth, not the shadow of doubt, and the subtitle of the piece is “Japan offers a peek at how thrift can take lasting hold of a consumer society, to disastrous effect.”

Disaster?  I’d rather see a little disaster now than a huge one later.   I wonder why we bow to this corporate mentality that devours our resources in order to produce short-term irresponsible wealth for themselves, while ignoring the fact that it simply is not sustainable into the future.   It’s mathematically impossible to grow forever, and the sooner we start thinking sustainability the lesser will be our pain when it hits the fan.  Our options for making positive change narrow with every delay.