Blame Placing

Senator Leahy of Vermont proposes a “truth-commission” to study excesses in the War on Terror. Senator John McCain claims the truth commission would only be an exercise in blame-placing.

Senator John McCain proposes a select committee to investigate the financial crisis to ensure the forces causing the collapse don’t reoccur.

Do you believe that Senator John McCain perhaps is more worried about who gets the blame than he is about ensuring the forces causing the collapse don’t reoccur?

Of course a goodly number of crooks were involved, but the primary cause of this and nearly all collapses  is pretty obvious. Nothing can grow forever. We are now proceeding to save ourselves by growing more.

Do you believe we can continue that method of saving ourselves — forever?

Do you think Senator John McCain will figure this out by using a “select committee?”

Or is this more an effort to avoid dealing with difficult facts than it is an effort to adapt ourselves to difficult realities?