Today is Wednesday

I’m trying something new here. Posting the entire email that I received from our Peach Clubhouse tentacle in the Brazos Valley, Friends of Earth. They want us to telephone Rep Flores today using a toll free number provided by The National Quaker Peace lobby. If this posting doesn’t work check out Friends Committee on National Legislation.

From: anorthc
To: anorthc
Sent: Tue, May 15, 2012 10:40 pm
Subject: friends of peace ACTION
WED. May 16 is the day for our coordinated action . Please call Rep. Flores office. We can make a big difference because those few supporting unending war in Afghanistan are not like to call. Let our voices for PEACE be heard wednesday. Complete instruction below–the call only takes a couple of minutes.
thanks for your dedication to peace.

—–Original Message—–
From: Jim Cason, FCNL
To: Alan Northcutt
Sent: Tue, May 15, 2012 2:20 pm
Subject: Key Afghanistan Vote This Week: Call Your Rep Today

Dear Alan Northcutt,
This week, as world leaders gather in Chicago to make long-term plans for Afghanistan, your representative will cast a vote that could help end the destabilizing U.S. military presence in that country.
Please call your representative using our special toll-free number: 877-429-0678. Urge your representative to vote “yes” on the McGovern-Jones amendment, amendment number 101, to the National Defense Authorization Act. This amendment would
• accelerate U.S. troops withdrawal, requiring the U.S. to end combat operations in Afghanistan no later than December 2013;
• attempt to ensure at most a limited U.S. military presence after December 2014; and
• call for robust negotiations leading to a political settlement and reconciliation of the internal conflict in Afghanistan.
The vote could come as soon as Wednesday afternoon, so please call today. Read the full amendment text here.
Your calls could make a real difference. The military authorization bill as currently written contains language that would pressure the president to keep tens of thousands of troops in Afghanistan past the current scheduled withdrawal date of 2014. The McGovern-Jones amendment we are supporting would affirm Congress’ commitment to bringing the U.S. war to a close. While we don’t support authorizing more money for the military, this bill is likely to pass and presents an opportunity to make significant policy changes.
Please call your representative today: 877-429-0678. When you call, ask for your representative by name (look up your rep. here if you’re unsure), then use these talking points to help you make your call.
• My name is ____ and I’m from _____(City, State)_____
• I’m asking Representative _____ to vote “yes” on the McGovern-Jones amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. This amendment would bring U.S. troops home from Afghanistan sooner and bring the U.S. war to an end.
• Thank you.
More and more people are getting the message that bullets aren’t the way to bring peace to Afghanistan. In a recent Fox News poll, 78% of respondents said they “approve of the U.S. withdrawing from Afghanistan.” Opposition in Congress has also steadily been growing. Last year, 204 representatives voted for a similar amendment offered by Reps. McGovern and Jones, and a majority of senators supported a call for an accelerated withdrawal of U.S. military troops from Afghanistan. Yet none of these provisions have yet become law. Your voice could help convince your representative to vote for an accelerated end to the war. Please call today.
Thank you for all you do to work for peace.


Jim Cason
Associate Executive Secretary for Campaigns

P.S. In addition to this amendment on Afghanistan, we are also paying close attention to amendments on the military authorization bill to remove restrictions on Pentagon spending, encourage diplomacy with Iran, guarantee the right to a civilian trial for anyone arrested in the United States and more. See updates on the amendments we are watching.

The phone number wouldn’t paste, but it says:

call 877-428-0678
Ask for your representative by name
Tell your member to support an expedited withdrawal from Afghanistan.