The American Dream

When I was growing up, and when I was a productive member of the work force, my goal was to save and to share with the future (to sustain) the “American dream.” Of course, that wasn’t my only goal, but it was foundational, and it defined the boundaries of my personal dream. The whole point of “my” dream was that we all can have different dreams so long as my dream does not cause harm to you or your good dream. Of course, that’s an ideal — an impossible island within which to function. Therefore, the other half of my dream was a continual process of negotiating the boundaries of our individual dreams so that our community dream can be a positively functioning whole.

It was only after retirement that I realized some of the people I worked with — and with whom I shared a mutual commitment to the “American Dream” — it wasn’t the same dream at all. We had never explained ourselves to each other, never negotiated our ideas, and so we all were seriously trying hard to sustain different and incompatible dreams. This was a shock to us all, and we very soon were arguing/debating/fighting rather than sustaining. It became clear that we can not build an American Dream if we don’t know what it is and discuss it among ourselves — before we start to fight over misunderstandings that we don’t know exist. We cannot understand each other unless we define our words.

Sustainability is a word that we must understand if we are to build a future for ourselves, first because Americans have multiple different ideas of what should be sustained, and more importantly because the word has been deliberately co-opted and re-defined by the economic community, following the green revolution, to mean the exact opposite of what it means. The idea of sustainable growth (which is impossible within the living earth ecosystem) has overcome the actual meaning of sustainability. The implications of this reality are, to me, genocidal. I see this campaign to change the meaning of the word sustainability as a deliberate attack on the life and health of the whole earth ecosystem for the profit of a few. Worse, the attack seems to have succeeded, and the result, literally, is a Ponzi type of growth scheme that is manipulating the resources of the entire world. Like all Ponzi growth schemes, it’s lots of fun while it lasts; however, it is not sustainable. The fact of sustainable growth is physically impossible, even though the concept of sustainable growth has become embedded in our culture as a synonym for sustainability.
(This is an excerpt from Bare Bones Ecology, in production.)

Feel No Evil
By Lynn

That would be nice.
But we live in a world awash in human emotion.
Evil abounds.

My world view was not shattered by 9-1-1
Shocked Not shattered.
I already knew evil; that it is; what it is.
But I was torn apart a couple of years later, to learn
that we are Auschwitz.
And we enjoy it.

It’s good to know the truth.
To free one’s self from futile make-believe.
And paralyzing pretense.
But maybe not important

Either way, nobody cares about my emotions, and
Hardly anyone cares about yours.

Our impact on life — our opportunity to choose
Whether we add to the world’s pile of woes, or increase its
Quotient of joy.
Our power
Grows not from how we feel,
But from what we do.
Our power lies in our behaviors, for good or ill,
And it’s a fairytale that emotion ties us to behavior.
Evolution gave us emotion; God gave us power.

Love is an emotion.
Kindness is love transformed
into action.
Simple kindness can move the power of love
Into the world.

No matter how we feel.

And the New Job Is?

090826Airport_dsc2794SsMy new job begins in one of the more comfortable seats on the plane, flying over a whole country gone mad with people who are trying desperately to “save the world,” despite their primary source of education by television propaganda — and a really quite good glass of Merlot courtesy of “my new best friend,” who seems to actually understand the real problems we face.

A sigh of relief — no longer am I required to spend my research time trying to figure out who did what with which molecule and what difference does it make anyhow in a world gone mad with humanitarians who actually believe they can change mother nature by doing a better job of what caused the problem in the first place.

But it was good, the mouse book. It payed the bills for “Outside the Circle,” and “Outside the Circle” taught me the prologue to meaningful communication about the difference between measurable facts, make-believe and propaganda. And the ways these are manipulated by power brokers. And the words to say what is true.

That’s my job.

If other people do their jobs, we will make it. If not, we can say that my honor was worth the sacrifices.

What’s your frame?


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Something Worthwhile

I want to do something worthwhile with my life and I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out what is worthwhile, so I can do it.

090514_dsc1000MockingbirdsBut it’s really hard to do anything worthwhile in a toxic culture. Let’s say you want to build your power base so you can become a benefit to society — to our system — maybe helping the poor. There is no way to do that outside the system, and it is the system that made many people poor in the first place. The price you pay for helping some poor people is to contribute to the system that is making more poor people. That would be a good deal if you want to stay in business, but the whole point of helping the poor is eventually to make yourself unnecessary. Isn’t it?

So the problem for anyone who wants to do actual good on this earth is the collateral damage that will be required, because it will be required. If you want to “succeed.”

So I spent my life trying to figure out how to succeed without doing collateral damage.

No clue.


Good News

As I have said a few times before, bullies usually only know one kind of power. We can deduce this because their kind of power is basically the most destructive kind there is. If they knew anything else — they would do it, because it’s almost always more likely to get them what they want. So that’s the bad news we have been living with.

The good news is, if you can stay out of their physical reach, bullies are easy to outwit. Unfortunately, it does take a little more time, during which they are creating chaos for everyone, but they always do lose in the end. That is, they don’t get what they wanted, and very often they get something much worse than they would have had if they had a few thinking skills. That is, if they would actually think about the consequences of their behaviors. Because ALL behaviors have consequences. And anyone can think.

And that is the BEST news. Anyone can think about the consequences of their behaviors, and ALL behaviors have consequences. Some behaviors have good consequences, and we are doing behaviors every breathing minute of our lives, so that’s how many chances we get to create good consequences for ourselves and our heirs.
Spontaneous behaviors are cute for little children, but adults always want more than cute. So it’s good to know that all it takes is to think about what we are doing (including think about what we are thinking) and learn as much as we can about what happens to people who do what we are doing/thinking. Once we “get” this, we can have control over our own future. The bully, whether a person or a country, never controlled anything good.

And that is my Mother’s Day wish for the mother of us all, the earth ecosystem.

How Did I Know?

And so you ask, after reading yesterday’s post, how did I KNOW this war would be a disaster for US?

You mean not counting that we keep doing the same thing over and over and over again for every new generation? (If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you always got.) What we got was pretty good for some people. So they did it again. But it was a disaster for the US. As usual. But that’s not really how I knew.

I knew exactly what I would do if I were Osama bin Laden. I would do what weaker people always do when they are confronted with big, powerful bullies. I would use some kind of power that big, powerful bullies don’t understand. Given that most big powerful bullies only understand ONE kind of power and there are mucho more kinds of power than one, it’s really pretty easy to outwit a bully, so long as you don’t let them get their hands on you.

Some of the other kinds of power are listed on the left side of this blog.