How to Fritter Away your Future

Playing silly one-up games with other people’s lives. Also known as fiddling while Rome burns.

Wattsupwiththat is playing games with outdated data about sea level rise, I’m not sure what is the point of the exercise. I sent this to a friend of mine who is a Professor at a major university medical school. Here is the response:

“The site you indicated here has a long series of comments ridiculing the observed and predicted sea level rises and saying they are either nonexistent or not enough to bother about. Maybe you knew that. So it is the out-of-date figure of 0.3 m that they are all laughing at. Even that wouldn’t be so laughable if one lived in Bangladesh or Holland or the Maldives.”

Apparently the glacier melt is not included in the raw data you were trying to interpret, and the current most accurate estimate is 0.8 meters by end of century. Almost three feet.

Now consider the expected population by end of century and wonder to yourself — do you think all those people will go quietly into their black night? Or might they be trying to find a way to benefit from our advantages here above sea level?

Rather than Fritter our time away trying to nit-pick the experts, I think it would be better to spend that time trying to determine what are the REAL facts and considering what is the best way to benefit the most people in the next generations.

Maybe persons who are really interested in projected sea level rise would want access up-to-date, peer-reviewed information about projected sea-level rise.

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