Bare Bones Biology 069 – What to Do 03

In this third episode I want to focus on local actions. Of primary importance, right now today, is to focus on preventing the corposystem from taking ownership over or destroying our major survival requirements. That’s our soil, good farming dirt, our food, our water, and our air. Because once they have finished, either damaging or taking ownership of these basic survival needs, we will not have anywhere near as many choices for building a better future as we do have, today.

Here in the Brazos Valley the smog is almost as bad as Los Angeles on some days, and the oil companies are coming in now to do heavy-duty fracking operations that will certainly affect our water supplies, because millions of gallons of water are made unusuable with each well that they frack. It will contribute tons of diesel fumes to our air, from all the trucks and equipment, and not to mention the fumes that come out of the wells.

Certainly it is possible to regulate these activities locally. It was done in Flower Mound, and anyone can make a local impact. It’s not like trying to deal with the Federal Government. I don’t know that anyone is, at this moment, making that effort.

Also in the Brazos Valley I think it’s important to understand what is happening relative to genetically modified foods, because the amount of Roundup©, which is a plant poison that is spread on genetically modified foods, increases every year, so that the air we breath is damaged, the soil is definitely damaged. Soil is an ecosystem of its own, and really good soils may have more than 50 percent of living organisms. Spreading poisons on the living organisms that make up the soil is not good for the soil any more than it’s good for our air. We’re just beginning to understand the harmful effects that this may have, and at the Peach Clubhouse we’re trying to tabulate that information now.

Another thing you can do is try your very best not to allow anyone to threaten you out of your rights. I’m thinking now mostly of people who do fracking. Sometimes we have to give in to intimidation, but before giving in, try to get help to discuss the issues. Or, if you have expertise in that area, help someone to find alternatives to whatever situation they are in.

If you’re good at assessing cost/benefit ratios, that would be another good thing you could do to contribute to the decisions we are making in the Brazos Valley. Use whatever is your best skill to put whatever pressure you can against the root problems. And of course recycle. Of course. Recycle. And if it’s at all possible you will want to provide for yourself a source of energy that is not controlled by the corposystem.

But the bottom-line understanding, while you’re doing all this, the most important bottom line understanding is that whatever you do must take into account the cause of all these myriad problems that we are facing. We will not succeed in making a better future, if we spend all of our time and energy dealing with the symptoms, while still ignoring the cause. The bottom line cause of those symptoms is our continuing growth on a Mother Earth that is already overgrazed, maxed out, and can not provide any more food energy for us to continue to grow.

Bare Bones Biology 069 – What to Do 03
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Good News

As I have said a few times before, bullies usually only know one kind of power. We can deduce this because their kind of power is basically the most destructive kind there is. If they knew anything else — they would do it, because it’s almost always more likely to get them what they want. So that’s the bad news we have been living with.

The good news is, if you can stay out of their physical reach, bullies are easy to outwit. Unfortunately, it does take a little more time, during which they are creating chaos for everyone, but they always do lose in the end. That is, they don’t get what they wanted, and very often they get something much worse than they would have had if they had a few thinking skills. That is, if they would actually think about the consequences of their behaviors. Because ALL behaviors have consequences. And anyone can think.

And that is the BEST news. Anyone can think about the consequences of their behaviors, and ALL behaviors have consequences. Some behaviors have good consequences, and we are doing behaviors every breathing minute of our lives, so that’s how many chances we get to create good consequences for ourselves and our heirs.
Spontaneous behaviors are cute for little children, but adults always want more than cute. So it’s good to know that all it takes is to think about what we are doing (including think about what we are thinking) and learn as much as we can about what happens to people who do what we are doing/thinking. Once we “get” this, we can have control over our own future. The bully, whether a person or a country, never controlled anything good.

And that is my Mother’s Day wish for the mother of us all, the earth ecosystem.