Communication is Not Limited to Intellectualism

No, indeed, not at all. Intellectual is only important if you must plan for a specific outcome in a field that requires good data. Like building an airplane, for example.

We have done some fairly deep “left-brain” communication in the past couple of Bare Bones Biology radio spots (which you can find if you scroll down) — but before you get to the thinking part you will be struck by some clear messages that have no words at all. For example, the first thing you will see is Bitsy and Santa in tete-a-tete. So to clear up our obvious omission of the visual and the body language, we will have in the near future, maybe in about a month, a Bare Bones Biology message from Eth-Noh-Tec. Just a sample is posted here above to whet your appetite, and because we can’t show it on the radio.