Bare Bones Biology 066 – Corposystem Power

The corposystem can not destroy our heritage, the rule of law, the soil, water, air, the climate and our freedom. That is, they can’t do it unless we let them, and because we all know that this is true, the corposystem gives us games to play to prevent us from thinking about the reality of our power.

One game is to change the subject away from real facts by claiming there is a debate. Rather than consult experts and discuss opinions, they display their own ignorance by debating fake or peripheral issues. We saw this clearly in the so-called debate over climate change. Also “Darwinism” and others you can name.

Another game they give us to play is to use really important issues, like fracking to make us forget the root cause of the multiplicity of our lesser problems. Fracking is as important as global warming, but the root cause of both is growth, because economic and population growth require resources that come from the living earth ecosystem – resources like food, minerals, water, soil – and the economy and every living thing requires these resources in order to grow. We can not grow forever because we will run out of food, clean water and good soil. And we run out of them because they are being destroyed by fracking and chemicals that are used in an effort to support more growth. And the game is, while we are fighting over fracking, or “Darwinism,” or poisoned soil, the corposystem is trying to grow some other part of itself, so that whatever we gain by reducing fracking is more than lost by the overgrowth of something else.

Or some important problem bubbles up in the news, and immediately the corposystem might start a fight over whose fault it is. Fight! Fight! We all gather around to watch and have a good old time blaming each other. Blame-placing, of course, takes away all our personal and social power, because we can’t change anything that has already happened. We can only do one thing at a time, and fussing over things we can’t change doesn’t change anything. That’s why political blaming and fighting is one of the corposystem’s favorite games, because it distracts us so effectively from the bigger problem. The bigger problem is — us — sitting on our TV watching the fight when we could be using our brains and our hands to make positive change.

If we would stop debating and blame-placing, and hand-sitting, and think factually about reality, we KNOW that growth beyond resources is NOT A GOOD THING. The solution to our problems is NOT growth, after we have already reached the capacity of the earth’s ability to feed us. From that point, which is approximately now, the solution to all these problems is to stop using more food energy and other kinds of energy than the earth can grow. But that’s not what the corposystem is doing. Instead of looking for real solutions, the corposystem just gives us another game. This time it’s a cliff-edge panic decision that is meant to grow the corposystem. Bush chose war — Obama chose debt. Neither war not debt nor any other kind of growth addresses the real problem.

So there is no point poisoning the future water and soil and air, just to squeeze out another dollar or two for a dying corposystem that will crash anyhow. Or maye it will change. It can’t continue as it is, because, there aren’t enough resources. Our better option would be to build a more compassionate and sustainable social order for our future. We can begin this by refusing to play the corposystem’s power games. Blame-placing, political board games, aintitawful games, cliff-edge panics. And use our own personal power to do something positive.

Anyone can do that.

Bare Bones Biology 066 – Corposystem Power
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My Father Said

“Your freedom ends where the next fellow’s freedom begins.”

This turns out to be a very complicated issue, but it’s well worth spending a lifetime trying. I have been.

“Speak so you can’t possibly be misunderstood.”

I tried for about half a lifetime until I realized communication requires two (at least) and when people decide what I meant before I said it — the task is impossible. So I stopped worrying about what other people said that I said that I meant, and just stuck to checking definitions (both mine and other people’s definitions of the same words) often and diligently. And then we all get mad. Me because they aren’t trying to understand what I really said, and they because they think I’m arguing with what they thought I should have meant by what i said.

The Dog With No Name

The Dog with No Name
Freedom, Responsibility and the Rule of Law

Free from the tyranny of Book 13,
I greet life in the morning.
She helps me to see.091009Boxer_dsc4778Ls

Riding in Fog

Gray and green and cozy,
my morning is enveloped
in a cocoon of fog.

I brush a little stick off the horse’s back and wonder if the act is
Generous or selfish?
For her comfort or for mine?

And then I realize of course they are the same.
Just as I don’t want the stick to cause her pain,
so also I don’t want her to buck me off.

The foundation of compassion is connection.
Everything is connected with everything else on this living earth.

No Name, Nobody

She doesn’t have a name, but she has a terrible need.

She came to me because her owner has “a right to his freedoms,”
but is not willing to pay the price.
The price of freedom is not war, nor death, as the politicians would have us to believe. The price of freedom is responsibility for one’s own behaviors.
Freedom can not function without responsibility.

Does this mean I must be responsible for the dog with no name?
Or should I watch this creature starve:

“She’s not my dog; I didn’t abandon her to cry forever for her lost love,
whoever he was; it’s not my responsibility.”

Or should I give this large unknown dog to a family with three small children who foolishly want to adopt a large dog that we know nothing about?

Should I take her to the “animal shelter,” where she can feel the pain and fear and wanting for a few more terrible days, while awaiting the release of death?

Should I take her to my vet and pay for her death out of my own pocket so that I can comfort her last moments?

There is no freedom without responsibility:
If we are free to make as many puppies as we want;
If we won’t take responsibility for those puppies;
If we refuse to let anyone else take responsibility for those choices.

Then we will have no available choices at all, but only
the natural consequences of our own behavior,
and when we abandon our choices we lose our freedoms, because
choices and freedom are the same identical thing.

When we refuse to choose among the available choices, but only cry like a baby for life to be perfect and give us the choices that we WANT instead of those that exist —
then the choosing will be done for us by the natural consequences of our own behaviors. Natural consequences will not change because we want them to be different.

Then the result is more and more starving dogs roaming our streets — packs of dogs learning to survive by killing livestock, and children, and even the occasional adult;
and massive human and animal suffering that we do not want to think about.

If we are not affected by all this suffering — if we live in a penthouse with no dogs, or a penthouse of the mind — then we may have another excuse. We may choose to believe that the whole scheme is “survival of the fittest” and designate ourselves as “fittest,”
and let the mayhem swirl around us unnoticed, as though our fitness were the only thing of value to the earth. However, I tell you as a scientist — evolution does not work that way, and the earth does not function according to standards of “fitness” that are defined by human kind.

Whatever we choose to believe or whatever we prefer to want –
beliefs and wishes are not real things;
but all of our behaviors are real,
and choosing to abrogate our responsibilities is a real behavior that has
its own natural consequences that are out of our control.

Behaviors always have consequences, and our behaviors connect us to everything else
in this living, functioning world.

Or it doesn’t function at all.

Death is not the Enemy

God created death to alleviate suffering, both physical and mental.

Without death, how could we comprehend compassion (Biblical love)?
The most positive quality of human-kind
And the foundation of all the religions.

Without death, the physical suffering of human kind would be unimaginable —
starvation, war, disease and unending hatred would envelope the earth in a black cloud
of pain and fear and wanting.


While I brushed the horse’s back
Bitsy chased a cat
Up a tree

Freedom to Plan a Better Future

So it seems the problem is —

How do we find the freedom to hold real human discussions in a culture that is dedicated to denying us this constitutional right simply because so many people on both sides of every issue are dedicated to winning at any cost, without regard to the real facts of the issue.

Whatever they are — any issue.


I have been trying to figure this out for several years, but I’m having trouble connecting with dedicated people who aren’t too busy yelling to talk. Some are yelling obscenities and lies and others are yelling hype and enthusiasm, but I don’t want to yell about anything. All I want is a good conversation.

Does anyone else have any ideas about how to get the discussion started? If so, please share.