Now I ask you, how would we ever know that “Endeavor” is one of the six most useful behaviors, and that it means “joyful exertion?” Unless we asked. And that “joyful exertion” means “to take delight in doing good?” According to the Dalai Lama, that is the scheme of things, and it seems a good scheme.

Especially when we understand that joyful exertion as he defines it is the antidote to all three kinds of laziness. The first kind of laziness is your routine hanging about – not caring to cope with life’s suffering. The second kind is being distracted by negative activities. The third kind of laziness – and this is a really interesting understanding – is not to have confidence in one’s self and one’s ability to accomplish good actions.

Of course, once we get this straight we have the much more difficult responsibility of figuring out what is “good” and what is “negative.” I think that’s the part Suzy doesn’t care for. (not my picture/not my dog)