Dr. Laura, Why?

It’s been quite a long time since I listened to Dr. Laura, but she has some good things to say. I was busy driving when she popped on the radio and began a little discussion of something that also puzzles me:

“It’s strange how often you see two people fighting and one person is trying to beat up on the other one so they can win the argument — so the other person will love them.”

It is a wonderment, isn’t it, why anyone believes I would like them better if they can prove that I am not as good as they are. A lot of people try. Maybe it’s our “winner” fetish.

I remember when a kindergarten here was trying to tell the students they all are winners. And then the parents take them out to a ball game. Even babies know everyone isn’t a winner; lucky that; it’s better to spend your energy trying to succeed at something worthwhile. Like being a compassionate friend, or something like that.