Shall We Play? Or No?

Good Job

090520TGT_dsc1150LSs copy“The horse was only curious, but Bitsy had drawn a line in the mud and was not willing to back down just because a thousand pounds of horse wanted something. She placed herself over my knapsack with the shoulder strap across her back, and she clearly intended to stay there no matter how many horses tried to steal it. “(Excerpt from Bitsy’s Book, in production.)

Everyone needs some kind of responsibility — something worthwhile that they can do well. I guess if dogs also have this kind of need, it must be more instinct than thinking.

But too many people, like Bitsy, invent for themselves tasks that cause more harm than they do good. A dog might not know the difference, but maybe that’s why people are gifted with a very special brain. Maybe we were meant to do something very special. If so, we will need to spend more time thinking about the long term results of whatever we decide to do, because up to now the difference between what we could do and what we are doing is a long, sad story.

We Had Friends Over

090328dogsp1030706-ssWe had company over yesterday. Four dogs came to visit Bitsy. It was quite fun watching their silly games. The neighbor dogs, two greyhounds and a pitbull, are locked up after an encounter with a possibly rabid skunk, but who needs them. Bitsy and Shelley were running their little legs off going nowhere. Bitsy had taught the younger Shelley the stick game that she tries unsuccessfully with me. She delivers the stick into my hand or Shelley’s mouth. We are supposed to take a tight hold and pull. Luke, old and tired, just hangs on to what he’s got. Collie and Shetland Sheepdog watching the uproar, too fine to dirty their feet in public.

So that was fun, and when they went away I opened up the New York Times to do my homework.

Not much difference there. If I had time and permissions I’d take some politicians’ pictures off the NYT page and match them up with the dog pix. But on the other hand,these games are not as much fun when you add hatred, envy and greed into the mix. Maybe it’s better to just do my homework. Quick. And go back to the dogs.

Oh no I’m preaching again, I’m supposed to be doing a political analysis.

Photo by Mary Ann