Dog Park Diary – 120529

After the Eclipse – the storm

Views from the Dog Park

Dog Park Sociology

The dog park turns out to be a fascinating study in relatationships. Would you imagine a young male sled-dog breed with a physically challenged little old lady? Easier to understand is a big dominant man with his laid-back, lolligagging hunting dog. And then there are the terriers and the spaniels and Bitsy and a half-acre dog park that is actually owned by a pair of very dominant quail. Imagine all the compromises and negotiations that are required for harmony in a village where we all live five or six feet apart. So far, all is well, except that Bitsy and I are not very good at the dog park part of it — when and whom can be let loose together? It settles into unwritten schedules.

Anyhow, this was a fun day.