“Nothing happens by chance — not because events are predestined, but because ‘all things and events are part of an indivisible whole,’ everything is connected by cause and effect. Thoughts are included in this view, for they both cause things to happen and are aroused by things that happen. What we think has consequences for the world around us, for it conditions how we act.

“All these consequences — for others, for the world, and for ourselves — are our personal responsibility. Sooner or later, because of the unity of life, they will come back to us. Someone who is always angry, to take a simple example, is bound to provoke anger from others. More subtly, a man whose factory pollutes the environment will eventually have to breathe air and drink water which he has helped to poison.”

“The Dhammapada” by Eknath Easwaran
This is taken from the introduction, not from the Dhammapada.

“A certain knowledge of God can also be reached through knowledge of the created world. Romans I:20-23”
“It is the pastor’s duty to remind scholars to serve the truth and thus promote the common good.”
Pope John Paul II in his book “Rise, Let us be on our way.”