Bare Bones Biology 287 – Almost 100 Weeks

Some people say that God is a vision of the human mind; others say that humans are a vision of the mind of God. Either way, we can read in “A History of God” by Karen Armstrong (another leader in the compassion movement that is now growing strongly) a history of human efforts to understand God and we can use this understanding to help reduce suffering in our living world.


CycleHuman social evolution over the past 4000 years is inspiring; but also discouraging. When you read Ms. Armstrong’s well researched history of God(s) and humans during the past 4000 years or so, you can recognize an upward spiral of increased human understanding of compassion, as we reach toward the truths of Life that are represented by God. Unfortunately, you can also recognize an increasing tendency of humans toward organized war during the same time period.


One of our human truths is the cycle of war and peace that is an integral part of our history. I wonder, can we have compassion without war? Or does compassion lead to war? Or are they only connected somehow in our minds? When I wrote Bare Bones Biology 194, almost 100 weeks ago, I closed with the comment: “all that remains is to do it right this time.” By right, I mean to disconnect this ongoing cycle that leads from war to peace and then from peace to war again.


Clearly we did not “do it right” as we ended World War II. Though there were some beautiful and successful examples of compassion at high political levels, the result was, once again, a semblence of a compassionate society that gave rise now to World War III. I could not be more horrified that my country initiated WWIII. I do not want to see or imagine one more turn of that wheel.


So my year-end question is: Why is this new compassion movement ignoring the facts that are available to help us avoid spinning the war wheel one more time? We have the facts; the historic facts and examplars, and the scientific facts: and we have the technologies that were not previously available, and we have more power than we know how to use well.   It could be done, if peace and compassion are what we really want, if we are willing to take the next big step toward compassion for all and do what will work within the reality of Life on earth.


151127-Brazos Cliffs-asc_0077RLSsWhat do we really want? Personal satisfaction within the corposystem war system (or the antiwar movement, which is a co-dependant part of the war system). Or do we genuinely want to grow a sustainably compassionate future for human kind on this living earth. If we really want to change the war cycle of misery, we will take the de-growth actions that are necessary to sustain both life and compassion. If we are not willing to do that, then we will just spin the wheel another time, pretending we are succeeding, toward WWIV.


I feel sure that our leaders will follow the corposystem ethic: growth for fame, fun and profit. They were raised in this corposystem competition ethic and they can’t see anything else. Therefore it is (as usual) up to the people to take charge, and do it in a way that will grow a sustainable, compassionate, new and different social system with a future.


In Bare Bones Biology 194 (link below) I talked about the four blessings received at the Upaya workshop. Now let me tell you a fifth. The realization that we cannot change our history (what really did happen) and we cannot change the laws of nature (such as gravity and fire, and there are more), but we can use both – we could be using ALL the facts – to nourish the compassion movement in a way that at least conceivably COULD work to cut the war/compassion connection and grow a sustainable, compassionate home on this living earth for human kind.

If that’s what we really do want. If it’s not all word-candy.



Bare Bones Biology 194 – Active Non-Violence



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Flute excerpt from Nawang Khechog with R Carlos Nakai, Music as Medicine, piece entitled: A Call of Compassion to Humanity. “This composition is a calling out to all of humanity to stop destroying our planet and to stop using each other out of blind greed.” Sounds True.