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Many people die of smog in the USA. The media try not to tell us this, of course. And it’s getting worse, but nevermind the whole USA, I looked out the window this morning to a toxic mist made up of air and pesticides that I could smell and something that makes my nose bleed and something else that turns my stomach. Maybe you can’t see this miasma, but when I came to this valley the sky was crackling blue all the time unless it was cloudy. Now our sky is like sour milk — and the incidence of asthma in little kids has soared.

And not only asthma, smog causes many deaths every year. It’s easy to deny this, because all deaths are caused by multiple different things that happen inside the same body. Something stops working, something else stops working, something else is inflamed, we are under stress. If they all happen at once, we can die.

My mother died once; but that was after she had been “saved” about six times. And I always wonder, saved for what? Good health, happiness, joie de’vivre? No way. All that in-between time was something I would not want, but for the nurses and doctors it was a success story. They thought they had saved six lives. But anyone can do the math, and we only die once. For the corposystem, the multiple life saving was even better than for the medical community, bringing years and years of bundles of money into their coffers. So I don’t believe the corposystem ever cared about my mother’s health, because in all that time the corposystem never stopped spewing its waste products into the air we breathe and running its poisons into our water. For me, this scenario is a major betrayal of trust.

And think of all the people in this country who have asthma or emphysema. I never even heard of these things in my youth, and if the proximal cause of asthma or emphysema is smog, then they primarily died from the smog, and in-between the corposystem made a lot of money treating them.

Then listen to the radio tell you it is a “lovely day” when the globe is warming, the sky looks like rancid skim milk, and my stomach is roiling from the smog. And now there are some people don’t even know what a lovely day feels like, because they have never experienced one. For me, this is a betrayal of trust.

Nature does not have “trust” as an ethical obligation. Nature has functions, like gravity, energy flow, and cause and effect relationships, rather than trusting or ethical relationships. Nature’s laws are at the very root of physical reality, because they are how reality is, or it wouldn’t work. For example, starvation is what will happen if we don’t get enough food energy. That’s a natural function, and it’s not something for which we are responsible, so natural starvation is not cruel. Dying is not cruel – it’s natural. It’s what we all get – naturally – and if we didn’t the whole ecosystem would come to a halt very quickly, because without death there can be no life on earth.

People forget to tell us those important things. But the laws of nature are functional relationships, not emotional relationships, so they are neither tragic nor cruel. We are grateful to the laws of nature for giving us this amazing experience of life.

We humans can not change the laws of nature that cause suffering. But we do have responsibility for those relationships that we can control and for which we are responsible. Like nurturing our children and studying the laws of nature so we can plan sensibly for a sustainable future. Like refusing to countenance smog in the Brazos Valley that could be prevented or cured and causes suffering for other people’s children.

Like any betrayal of trust.

Bare Bones Biology 074 – More Information
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God’s Gift of Death

Yesterday I tried to record the glorious song of a mockingbird sitting at the top of the dead tree by my driveway.
This morning I found him drowned in the water trough.

I’m sorry I wasn’t here to help him.
I’m sorry he didn’t go to the pond for his drink.
It’s right there.
I wish he could have clung to the stick that I float in the trough for that purpose.
Or maybe the stick wasn’t floating as well with a bird on it as without.
I never thought to test that.

I wish we never made any mistakes.

This morning I spotted a lady mockingbird raising her young in a yaupon right next to the driveway.

She can handle the job.

Death is God’s gift of life to us,
and our gift to the future of life.
Without death, life could not exist.

It would be better to fill our world with glorious song,
than to spend our few days fearing and fighting
the gifts of God.

Howdy Folks,

Our Thursday morning story about proteins will be delayed on honor of mockingbird song.

And also in honor of a late night meeting with KEOS radio. Bare Bones Biology, the new five-minute spot, will air weekly beginning soon. A transcript of the week’s show will be posted on Wednesdays.

Another Fake Debate, Pro-Life

As Teddy analyzes in his blog, the “debate” over pro-life and pro-choice would seem to be almost entirely artificial, based in words rather than facts. It clearly is not based in reality.

The reality is that balance among all the myriad elements of life on earth, including death, is the only way that LIFE can sustain itself, and I have to believe the Creator wanted to create sustainable LIFE. Growth is not sustainable. Humans, by our growth fetish, in both economic and population terms, are truly threatening LIFE, that is, ALL of life as we know it.

God created death so that life might exist. Our problem is not to defeat death; if we defeat death, we will destroy life on earth as we reproduce like mice in a cage with no place to go. Our problem is to maintain our honor in our relationships with both life and death. What we are doing now is saving people with our left hand and killing them with the right. That is one way to maintain balance, but I question if it is either ethical or honorable.

If God created LIFE, then he created life as the earth ecosystem, a network of checks and balances within which excess growth leads to destruction. That’s the way it is; that’s the way it works; who is to claim that God made a mistake?

Truly ethical people do not argue over fake debates; they discuss issues with a goal to reach a humane understanding of the larger problems faced by human kind and the many possible ways to resolve these problems to bring maximum benefit to all of LIFE. As God created it.090607TGT_dsc1653Ss