Bare Bones Biology 177 – Corposystem Charity

131111-CaliforniaASC_7110RLSsThe last two blogs were openly negative, because I gave up trying to pander to the corposystem style of communication and at the same time never mention the reality of the problems we all want to overcome.  I got another such email yesterday from someone who “can’t” talk about the root cause of our climate change, wars, starvation — because her Board of Directors won’t like it.

As a result, she is mostly spinning her wheels, for two reasons:

1)  If we can’t talk about problems we can’t solve them;  I’m reminded of a German taxi driver we met in about 1955 or so, who mumbled:  “Hitler did a lot of good.”  Indeed, so has the corposystem (defined in ‎  Look at the last two definitions),), but if we can’t look at both the yin and the yang, both sides of the coin of progress, we – well we just can’t solve the problems because we won’t know what they are, and so that is why I don’t have a Board of Directors.  I nearly became a dot-org.  I even selected a Board of Directors – but they were so afraid of the corposystem I said to myself – “self – do you want to be part of the corposystem and disguise the truth in a coating of molasses — or do you want to speak the truth as clearly as possible as an aid to solving the problems?”

Nearly our entire compassion movement and more than that, nearly worldwide our charitable organizations are under the thumb of the corposystem, co-opted to make money by promoting growth.  We don’t even use that term anymore, charitable organization.  Even the United Nations, last I heard, won’t fund proposals unless they are promoting the very same growth model that is causing the poverty and other problems they claim they are trying to cure.  Who wants to promote poverty?  And need?  The corposystem.

2)  That’s why the corposystem is deeply invested in sustaining the biological problems — because they are profitable.

And I’ve been learning about the truth and speaking the truth ever since I made the decision not to be a dot-org.  Hardly anyone listens, but for every one of me who is focused on curing the root causes of our human disasters — it becomes that much harder for the corposystem to pretend the causes don’t exist, without exposing its Hitleresque ambitions.

The function of the corposystem is growth-of-things for profit.  That’s why we are destroying our sustainable relationship with the Biosystem/ecosysem ((defined in ‎  Look at the last two definitions),). Sustainability is not based in growth; it is based in balance-of-processes.  Growth, at least overgrowth, unbalances processes.

In fact, I’ve talked a lot over the years about things we are doing wrong, even though people keep telling me they don’t want negative blogs.  What they do want is to be TOLD “What to do.”  THAT WON’T HELP.  It is what’s happening, and it’s making things worse, not better.

The problem is not the doing, it’s the choosing.  If you do whatever I tell you to do today – then someone else will tell you something different tomorrow.  That’s not choosing and it’s not problem solving because it’s not taking responsibility for learning what is needed. It only makes things worse.

I remember when I said the same thing to Noam Chomsky.  I’ll show you his answer  some time.  It stopped me flailing around like a windmill, and set me on the road I’m on today.  Joseph Campbell said similar things.  We cannot have a viable culture until we take the responsibility to learn what is needed, using the tools Life/God gave us to promote human welfare by promoting Biosystem welfare.

The answer is to learn what the Biosystem REALLY needs to stay healthy – and do it – AT THE SAME TIME that you are helping to clean up the other messes we have already made.

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FactFictionFancy is back Again – Horribilizing

I just opened my mailbox, and out poured piles of unsolicited letters telling me about all the horrible things that are happening in the world. They want me to know that armagedon is near and that they can save us all from the end of the world if only I will send them money.

I wonder why this triggered a vivid memory of myself, age 6 or so, being washed out toward the ocean by a big wave, and there, standing between me and the big waves, were my daddy’s legs. These people want me to be afraid of the sea of life — and they want me to believe they are my daddy.

The fact is:

1. they can’t save us all;
2. if you offer them something that isn’t money they won’t even answer your letters or emails (I tried);
3. they are very careful to NOT talk about the problem and what causes it, but only the horrible things that have already happened that nobody can change.

I wonder why that is?

Maybe I should send them a little brochure that says:

“Are you afraid I will find out that the money I send to you will not fix the problem?” But they wouldn’t even care about that. They only look at the envelopes with dollars in them.

The fact is nobody can fix any problem unless we work together to discover the cause of the problem and fix THAT. And if we really fixed the problem, they would be out of business, wouldn’t they.

Charitable efforts that are done for the wrong reason do help some of the people. No matter how good the charity is, however, if the charitable work is done for the wrong reasons it will help some of the people after they are hurting, but at the same time it will strengthen the the system that made them hurt in the first place.