The Book Has Come!!

My test copies have arrived if you want to see one at the clubhouse. They are excellent. Small goof, two cover pictures, but hey, you can tear one off and give it to a friend. Or maybe I’ll fix that. The concern was color management and layout and all that kind of thing that needs to be moved from InDesign to a pdf to BLURB and then to the book. They did a great job on this little book, and affordable too. An excellent stocking gift if you order the soft cover.

It lists for $15 plus tax
Bitsy’s Dog Park Diary
Photos by Lynn

Bitsy Says — What About Me?

And the answer is, Bare Bones Biology is more important, but I will eventually get caught up with Bitsy’s Dog Park Diary, and it will go on sale — when? ASAP.

I keep getting emails about how to launch a book, but I haven’t had time to read the emails because Bitsy is yapping at me, and I’m too busy trying to finish the book. And after that the very long awaited story of my journey into the future (which has already become yesterday) called “Outside the Circle.” But that’s maybe in a couple of weeks. Right now — here’s a preview: