Well Finally

Finally found my long chain by the oldest method in the book. I bought a new one. It still took me about an hour to drag out that teeny weeny (about 600 pound) round bale, as my system involves also the availability of comealongs, both of which have also disappeared. But I guess it’s progress, or I hope the horses think it is. No pictures. Too busy trying to load the dryer into the pickup.

Finished the Bitsy book (see her below, that’s on the title page), and I’ve started a page for her, listed in the upper left corner, but there’s nothing much on it yet. You could help if you find her book on BLurb and send me the link. BLURB seems to send my computer somewhere else.

Bitsy Says — What About Me?

And the answer is, Bare Bones Biology is more important, but I will eventually get caught up with Bitsy’s Dog Park Diary, and it will go on sale — when? ASAP.

I keep getting emails about how to launch a book, but I haven’t had time to read the emails because Bitsy is yapping at me, and I’m too busy trying to finish the book. And after that the very long awaited story of my journey into the future (which has already become yesterday) called “Outside the Circle.” But that’s maybe in a couple of weeks. Right now — here’s a preview:

Bitsy’s Dog Park Diary 120813

A very long day we had from the (supposedly) 2 hour drive to Chama that ended 7 miles short of the goal when the truck stopped going.

So I phoned the realtor, who came out to the truck and picked up Bitsy and me and our more valuable stuff and left the problem in the hands of Andy, who had everything cured by the time we got back from looking at properties much later that afternoon. Late enough that I decided to stay overnight before undertaking the two hours return trip, which really was two hours, as all downhill.

You will hear next week my interview of Father John Dear, and I’ve already mentioned his book “A Persistent Peace,” that I recently read cover to cover. Well, it turns out that Andy’s son was married by Father John during the brief period of time that John was in charge of a parish in New Mexico. Brief because he took the gospel seriously, and especially Jesus’ words of peace. “He sure did kick up a ruckus.” The father, not the son. Now the grand-daughter is teaching Andy how to use the computer.

Anyhow, we got a little cabin on the Chama river and I opened my computer to do some BBB work, and the next thing you know the several people in the next cabin and their four small children were outside my door chattering excitedly. Bitsy wanted to meet them all, and they were watching the bear, and taking pictures which I’m pretty sure will not come out. So in the end we all had s’mores over their campfire, under a little thunderstorm. And Bitsy, of course, followed the children everywhere, catching the drippings. When we finallysettled in the bed, she kept bugging my until I remembered it’s my job to cover her up for sleep.

Today Bitsy’s having a hard time settling down to being a tied-up-to-the trailer ordinary dog, and my camera has marshmallow goo on it.

If anyone knows these people, please send them the link here. Meantime I chopped off the top of a really quite nice picture to protect the innocent.