Why do we Have a Fake Debate About Birth Control?

I recommend this quite highly. Growth Busters is also a movie that’s available at the Peach Clubhouse.

But this is a lot better:

“We the public are not going to keep birthing babaies in order to boost your bottom line.”

Yes indeed, he is right on, the birth control “debate” has been taken over by the corposystem for its own gain, and turned into a classic “fake debate” of the sort I have frequently mentioned in my blogs below (for example https://factfictionfancy.wordpress.com/2009/06/10). Watch the video. It’s amusing.

Bare Bones Biology 098-Climate Change-What Can We Do?

The ecosystem is not a democracy. Neither is it a matter of opinion, nor can we match its power. Not in our wildest dreams. The ecosystem – whatever it is – it is a factual reality. Just look at the veins in your hand. Then look out the window. Then remember where your food, water and air are created – no, not in the supermarket – the ecosystem. It’s a fact that the ecosystem is constantly changing in response to its interactions among all the factors that make up its existence. My critics and their grandchildren will not be at all happy about our choice to continue destroying the climate that the ecosystem created, that has been our cornucopia of life.

So to round out this series on climate change, I want to play some quotes. Here is a short one from an activist at the climate talks that recently took place in Durban, South Africa. Amy Goodman is interviewing Kumi Naidoo on Democracy Now (the only good coverage of the talks that I know about, see dates 12/05/2011 and 12/06/2011 as part of the series).

“the problem is that the level of ambition and the level of urgency in these talks do not match what the science is telling us to do.” He means the science tells us the problem is urgent.

Climate change is just as real as overpopulation, and if you know a few facts (facts are realities that aren’t about people and people can’t change them, like gravity for example) if you know a few facts, then climate change will be as common-sense as my story about overpopulation. The one about putting a cow and a bull in a pasture with plenty of water, and never feeding them any hay and see if they eventually have a population problem. Or a resource problem, which is nearly the same thing. Common sense.

“The greatest challenge for Burma and the countries of the Arab Spring, as well as all peoples who hope to enjoy the flowers and fruits of their endeavors in 2012, will be to bring wisdom to bear on passion and power, and to create a blend of the two that is both effective and wholesome.” Aung San Suu Kyi

This is Harvard Professor E. O. Wilson on Earth/Sky

“Biology is going to be crucial also in feeding the world. We’re about to run out of water, and we’re running low on arable land. And we’re just now reaching 7 billion people on earth, and we’re not going to slow down or peak until somewhere in the vicinity of 10 billion, the most recent projections indicate. We don’t have enough water in enough countries to feed all those people and to restore soil to arable condition. And then there comes the matter of saving the rest of life, which is a major concern of mine. We’ll have to do a better job of exploring the natural world and figuring out how to carry it through what I like to call the bottleneck of the 21st century, when we go through the population crunch and use every bit of information – science based — that we can get, to make that journey through with the least amount of damage to the world.”

So what can we do to help? Number one, find a way to provide birth control for every person who wants it on earth. Number two, work to provide a reasonable standard of living for those who are living. This will require dethroning the corposystem and the growth ethic in favor of a sustainable economic system. Number three, join together with other countries of the world and let them help us do these things. How do we do those things? In any way we can, so long as what we do does not cause more long-term harm than help. That’s practical, self-serving compassion.

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Which are You?

As I watched the Dalai Lama this morning on the Research Channel, talking about compassion, it came to me what a wondrous species human kind, in our response to challenges, problems and threats. Individually and through our politico-religious communities, we are very predictable. If I were a scientist I could classify us:

Some people respond with incredible acts of compassion;
Some people respond with incredible acts of war, cruelty and torture;
Some people, of course if they can afford to, are “head in the sand;”
Others work harder and harder trying to engineer solutions.

We are such a clever and ingenious race, we have gotten by in those ways for millennia, trying to control reality, and doing fairly well at it with our farms, airplanes, internet and all that. But we do not have the power to change the basic bottom line laws of cause and effect, nor can we change reality. The factual reality is that the earth ecosystem lives in balance or it doesn’t live.

So today, we are faced with a crisis that is new to human kind. We have not enough of resources to provide for the numbers of people that we have or soon will have, and none of our classic responses can change the roots of the challenge, which require that we nurture the balance of our earth ecosystem. We do have the technology, but we have chosen to use it for growth rather than balance. And so we are increasingly facing the effects of our communal (mis)behavior.

The root challenge is populational, and I can’t move populations, but I do get to choose how I personally will respond to the challenge:

I tried “head in the sand.” It didn’t help anyone, not even me.
Technology will not change the laws of nature.
Nobody can force me to knowingly torture anything.

So, as we seem to be going down the tubes anyhow — I choose compassion.

EarthThe most compassionate act I can think of would be to make birth control technology available for everyone who wants it. Can you think of any other act of compassion that would more positively impact BOTH the needy individual AND the whole needy community of an earth ecosystem faced with war, cruelty, starvation and epidemic disease that are caused by overpopulation?

If so, please let me know what it is.