Denial is a powerful thing. I believe that our human (instinctive) makeup requires that we make logical sense of the world. That logical structure plus our experiences, are the building blocks of our world view. When the building blocks don’t fit, it drives us nuts [not crazy, just desperate to make life make sense when we are unable (poor little thing) to acknowledge reality without trashing our own world view]. The whole laboriously constructed world view — leaving us helpless to deal with the world. The most shocking thing about the Anita Hill affair to a person who (by experience) recognized the obvious validity of her claims was the comment by the (democratic) senator who said the only possible, conceivable explanations for her behavior were two — that she (Anita) was either crazy or evil. What, no other possibilities were conceivable? I can think of a bunch of them, and to have a senator who only could imagine two?

You might think in any situation the obvious thing would be to adjust one’s mind to the reality, but it is in fact not. It’s the world’s most humongous culture shock. Almost nobody can adjust their worldview quickly, and probably never when it is under attack. There is really only one resolution that solves problems, and that is for people on any two-sided issue to talk with each other in good faith, but Americans no longer do that.

Thanks for sending this out. Anita Hill’s courage was one of the learning points of my life, as I was trying to deal with executives who were either blind or pretending to be, or they had straight-jacket world views (poor little things, it is very painful to have a world view that is not aligned with reality). Unfortunately it was not only dangerous for Anita Hill then, it is the TEA party now. More unfortunately, trying to fight against a worldview that has been backed into a corner — doesn’t work. It only makes them frantic. And you trying to explain your logic to them also doesn’t work because that’s the whole point — your logic is not logical in their context in exactly the same way that their logic is not logical in your context. The only thing you both agree about is that winning is essential and it is a battle, not a problem waiting to be solved or a shared solution waiting to be found. If we can’t do something about our yes/no, win/lose, two-pointed worldviews in this country I expect that we will lose the country.