Diary – 140815

Pain. Terror. Suffering.

But I did manage to finish my income tax. I didn’t finish before leaving Texas because I sat down with all my preparations and the software for which I had paid a fairly large amount of money (tax deductible in part, in theory) and downloaded it onto my oldest laptop, and tried to open it only to receive a message that it wouldn’t work on that operating system.

140814-cabin-ASC_0848SssSo, OK, I am not going to change that operating system, because it contains some of my favorite other software – in fact most of it, it is my working computer – and that software cannot be updated. The company (Adobe) no longer makes available software that I want to use. In fact they don’t make it available at all – you have to rent it by the month and give them full access to your computer. Corposystem then has complete control over everything I want to do on line and can withdraw it at any time. Well, the bigger point is that I do not WANT to and it is frequently impossible for me to be on line all the time. Especially without electricity to run it all, and until about a week or so ago I did not have the electricity. So I am not getting rid of that computer, though it is the first good computer I ever had and is old.

Rather, some years ago, I bought another, identical second-hand laptop. Identical except it has a newer operating system. This is good, except that I noticed last year that once again the OS began to not work on much of what is required. Such as the software that I downloaded to do my income tax. (As they have access to the insides of my computer you would think they would check to see if it would work). So before I left Texas I bought a Mac Mini, mostly to get the new software, but still I can’t throw away the old software because I don’t want what Adobe is selling now, and I have bought a large amount of their older/better software. The mini cost a lot less than replacing all that software I need. However, the mini is not a laptop and therefore requires a source of electricity or it won’t run.

And, to make a long story short, I could only run one bit of equipment at a time, and only for a short time when the sun was shining. I assumed the Mini could handle the downloaded tax software, but I couldn’t use the mini.

140814-cabin-ASC_0850RSssFortunately, last week or so I GOT MORE SOLAR.(YAAAY, I can now work when I want to and how I want to. I can now run the mini with its up-to-date OS, a monitor, the internet access and a printer all at the same time. And if I need to work all day and all night, I can add an electric light.) Now I can do my income tax, so yesterday I turned them all on and sat down to do it. I downloaded the tax software onto the Mini. I spent some time learning how to use the new OS. I already had a printout of all the figures I need from 2013. I started to fill in all the stuff the software requires and got about four hours into the project when I realized there was no way I would be able to figure out what the h— they are talking about and the IRS instructions are a lot more useful and easier to understand. Although it doesn’t correct your mistakes before you hand it in, they definitely let you know after.

So, what ho, I can now leave the internet access on all day long and into the night if I want to, so I went to IRS to download the necessary instructions. IRS was down. Well, no surprise on the day before the deadline, so I worked on organizing my info until dinner time and went back and tried to download everything I would need. It turns out, the IRS no longer makes this information downloadable. Not all of it. And even with three computers I cannot a) keep them all on line at the same time, or b) read them on line. Everything jumps around when you try to read documents on line. I need a hard copy to check and double check and try to understand what the h— they are talking about. So I did a work-around on that. The site went down again after dinner, when I needed another form, but I finally got it all. Used up half a ream of paper, which is too bad, but I imagine the IRS is saving more paper than everyone together used in olden days.

140814-cabin-ASC_0849SssOK, that’s enough about that, except for one other problem that I will not describe, and that is FINDING, in my files and/or on my computer(s) and/or backup disks, the information I need. All my files have changed location since I packed them up and moved. In fact, my files are in a continual flux of change and have been since about 7 years ago, and I can never find anything easily. So I looked through EVERYTHING before I was finished, spread stuff all over the cabin, had an anxiety attack that I controlled, and before I was finished, I even lost all my pens in the giant mess.

All the things I put away when I arrived are now scattered throughout, and believe me in the middle part of this exercise I was in PAIN, TERROR, and SUFFERING between wondering what the h— they are talking about and whether or not I would be able to find whatever it was/is. Much worse than a bear climbing into the back of the truck. Or even exposure to dread diseases, as long as one doesn’t actually catch the diseases.

140814-cabin-ASC_0853RLSssIt happens every year. And yes, I DID prepare for this when the deadline passed and I filed from Texas for automatic extension. I just didn’t remember what I had prepared.
It didn’t bother me at all that it rained much of the day yesterday. What a gloomy mess. Late, late in the night I crashed under the bednet in the cabin.

And woke up realizing that today is the absolute deadline and I need to get out of here to a post office. Probably I can. The sun has arrived at the cabin this morning. We now go out for our morning meditation, and if it doesn’t rain before about noon the mud will probably be dried off enough for the 4WD, the solar now gives me a cup of coffee in the morning, Bitsy and I will put our backs to the sun and breath clean air for a while. I don’t know why our snake stopped coming to bask with us. I miss her. But otherwise, by this afternoon, the worst day of the year will be behind us.

And the snake is back, and a beautiful thing she is; so ends our time of trial.

Except now I have to clean up the cabin.

And the computer files.