I think we make a mistake in our political behavior by assuming that WE CAN do anything if we want to badly enough, and that our technology has the power to change physical reality. Of course, neither of these ideas is true. But we do want to use politics to make positive changes, and political power is the ability of people to make those changes. So I began by examining power ploys used by politicians to get what they want.

09021520sunrise_dsc8918sMore importantly in this day of biological challenges to the living ecosystem, we need to know what WE CAN do and what we can NOT do because of forces more powerful than ourselves. There is no point wanting something that is physically impossible.  There is always a better way, if we take the time away from wanting and use it to figure out how things work in the reality of the whole ecosystem and our little part of it.

My goal is to develop a conversation among ourselves that is not based in creative fantasy, but in creative reality.  I want us to spend more time discussing the real, factual opportunities that are possible within the realities of personal, political and physical power relationships.  And less time in the win-lose interactions of personal confrontation that just keep cycling around until nobody ends up winning, really, and everyone ultimately is a loser.  We’ve been there; done that.  Time for human kind to take a giant step out of that circle of confusion.

But we can not “do” anything successfully until (unless) we are first willing to talk among ourselves about what we want to do — and how to do it that will actually work.

So.  Let’s talk.

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  1. Mrs. Lamoreux,
    Hi! I’m a junior at A&M Consolidated High School, and for my AP English III research project, I will be writing & researching about fracking, its environmental repercussions and the regulations regarding it, focusing specially on College Station. If possible, I’d like to email you a set of questions, as you are a member of the College Station Citizens for Safe Fracking (that’s where I came upon your blog), to obtain an expert opinion on the issue.
    Thank you very much for your time!
    Annie Zhang

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