Bare Bones Biology 362 – Exciting

Science is the study of the laws of nature using the scientific method.

Technology is making tools. Whether or not using the scientific method, technology is not asking how nature functions, it is making tools to serve the God of Technology.


I happen to know this because I worked very hard throughout my scientific career to sidestep the technologies that have funded most of our research within the corposystem. It was not easy.


Now, I am back in the canyon again because I pushed the safe boundaries of my health for about the past week and a half, by emerging into the world of people, pollution, modern computers, and my annual trip to Los Alamos for Fr. John Dear’s Sackcloth and Ashes vigil. I took some pictures for me and for the cause, stayed overnight in a parking lot in Los Alamos (because I can no longer physically tolerate the toxic chemicals that our public buildings are required to slather about), came home to the village and got sicker than I have been since leaving Texas in May, and scarpered down to the canyon ASAP with prayers of thanks that I have a safe place to go to in this modern world that we proudly refer to as the Epoch of Man.


Chris Martenson (Crash Course) says this is an exceedingly exciting time to be alive. I posted that video on my Facebook, because he is a smart man who understands the biology of earth, but I’ve heard that many times before. Well, I reckon it’s true, because just being alive is exciting, and I am astonished that I’ve been privileged to understand as much as I do about the miracle of Life, and to share as much of it as anyone will listen to. I’m excited to be witnessing the creepingly slow education of the uninformed members of our corposystem as they come to realize their denial will not make it go away – will not change the appalling mess we have made of our humanity, and the natural consequences of our own behaviors that we now face. And thankful that I know what to expect and am grateful for my safe place.


This morning the New York Times reported – as though it were a big surprise — that a huge majority of climate scientists have confirmed the fact that we are experiencing climate change. I have the document, but it’s about 500 pages and I had to change computers, so have not yet read it. Let me know if you want a copy of the PDF. I’ll try to post it also to my FB page.

I do not doubt the integrity of this document because a large group of top level basic scientists conducted the study. They understand how it works, the climate, but it doesn’t take a real basic scientist to understand the basic problem. It’s all about the balance between resources and consumers. If we have not enough resources, then we have not enough. Period. What happens after that, I think our president said today, “We don’t know very much about it.” He said this at about the same time that he eliminated programs intended to reduce the negative impacts of climate change.

Indeed we don’t. Not even the real climate scientists know very much about it. Nobody in their right mind, knowing how it works, would do the experiment, and of course nobody in recent years would pay for the smaller kinds of experiments that could tell us more about what happens beyond climate change in an overpopulation event.


The New York Times makes like this is big news, but climate scientists have tried to tell us about this progressing danger every five years or so, often in spite of threats to their own jobs, and before them basic biologists for about 200 years. But I think the vast majority of the public believes these reports to be promoting some technology (not science), so they don’t listen anyhow and the clock winds down and the world dies by feet and yards instead of only inches, because climate change is not technology and our understanding of it is good basic science. Climate change cannot be prevented or cured by any technology unless that technology is focused on the cause of the problem.


But on the same day, that is today, PostCarbon Institute has reported the same truth — that the vast majority of the public probably believes our technology will save us. I have reposted their good little post to my FaceBook page.


They are wrong, those who put their faith in technology – any technology now that we have waited so late — any technology that is not directed at the root cause of the problem will be unable to “save” us. And the root cause is, of course, that the whole earth has no longer enough resources to feed the populations.


We have overgrazed the earth to the extent that we are killing the species that generate our viable climate and our food, and yet we propose to resolve this problem by killing off more species. Killing the species that create our biosystems, so that we can plant foodcrops that destroy the biosystems. This does not require a scientific explanation.


We are like a bag-a-bones horse I once saw standing in a pasture of weeds that he could not eat, while the people drove by in their new cars and sputtering about how could anyone do that to such a pitiful victim.


Also this week, technologies for helping the millions of people who have not enough to eat, who crave access to birth control to save their families, these American dollars have been taken away from the need and dedicated to we know not what (as reported by There is no way to make the earth produce more food than it can produce, and now we are eating up the “seed corn.” And making babies to come into a world that has no way to nurture them. Sacrifices to the false God of Technology.


We are dying on our feet and praying to the god of technologies to save us – the same technologies that destroyed our resources in the first place. There is no god of technologies. Technologies are not God power or science power, they are human power — the same human power that we could have used to grow a reasonably comfortable human presence on a vibrantly healthy planet Earth, but chose instead to use it to grow money.



And I spent last night in my little travel trailer, an island of warm and dry between the crack, crash and rumble of lightning and thunder above and the splash and ripple of growing rivulets in the stream bed below – wondering how big of a flash flood might come rushing down our canyon. Or not. And awoke this morning healthy. Watching a wispy little cloud explore the nooks and crannies of our canyon wall. One night away from the toxic chemicals that now permeate our earth – overnight healthy with no pills — only clean air to breath.


Clean, healthy and alone, for the sake of two more children who will not suffer what we know is coming, because they have never existed.


This is Bare Bones Biology, a production of


© 2017, Photos by Lynn


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