Diary 170626

Look to the left:


I spent the morning tracking down internet problems and cleaning out the back half of pickup so as to add another battery and double my solar capacity. It does fairly well without help, the little engine that could, but this should give me at least two cups of coffee on top of running the computer and it fits neatly in the back.   It might do that and stay full, if the sun is shining. And also carried my electric weedeater around town from store to store trying to figure out how to get string for it (without winding my own, which I discovered is the standard method). I figure I’ll get cartridges until the crash and after that there won’t be weedeaters.


Winter Palace is full of junk; junk trailer half unloaded; cabin also full of junk has been partially re-inhabited by the packrats and a mouse or two. Bitsy says the garter snakes are back, but we haven’t seen any rattlesnakes. Don’t like killing rattlesnakes. The GOOD news is that the cabin contamination is down enough that I can sleep inside, instead of in the travel trailer, which is much more convenient and comfortable. A light; walls between me and our bear.


Look to the right:


My stretch of the creek has water in it. The only part of the creek that does below the first gate. I think because Mark spent his whole first year on some of the same land making little holding dams, and also because we aren’t pulling it out with a well. So the elk are coming through fairly often and one is little. I need to get the game camera up again. The rainwater holding tank is full, and Richard put up the gutters while we were gone so it stays full and out from under the house – the water.


And I spent the afternoon on the telephone. In Chama. People actually answered and were competent to do something, so two workmen will be out to the cabin on Thursday, one to fix my landline, which I really should have out there and it hasn’t worked for a couple of years, and the other to fix the internet dish, which pulls 30 W of electric and costs a lot more than that. If both of those are successful I will proceed to try to fix the resident solar. This country life is a lot of work. I can’t keep up with the mowing without electric to charge up the battery, and the baby trees are always thirsty. I expect to not get the Spring chores done before first snowfall.


Look ahead:

Then we will vacuum up the ^&*() rat turds and then carry on where we got snowed out last year using the steam cleaner on about a foot square at a time, concentrating on cleaning and blocking off the rat trails as we go. The book says to make sure there are no openings bigger than about a quarter inch. Where did that supposed expert grow up I wonder?


A – N – D —– !!   I finished the final draft of part one of book 25. Chapter Eight.


Chapters One through Eight.



Diary – 170621

Whooooosh. Three days aboveground in a heat wave is not where it’s at, but now the sun is setting and tomorrow we will be back in the canyon again. I want to stop on the way and hear the story of the Bear Dance, then finish my income tax, which I know I have enough to pay, but not in a checking account, which is a complication that did not occur to me until today. Maybe the bank will stay open on Sat morning, when I must (uuugggggh) make something to bring to a potluck. Usually I make cookies, which is fun, but doesn’t seem quite appropriate for this.

Ahhhh! The electricity just came back on. Good, maybe I can post this.


Anyway, I don’t have to come back up on Monday. My dentist just quit her job one day before my appointment that is already two months overdue because of my eye operation in Bryan that I needed to have in order to get a TX driver license because I spent the whole first part of the year trying to figure out how to get a NM license that would not restrict me to driving only within 40 miles from home, which would probably be OK, but it assumes that one actually HAS a home. Imagine what this does for homeless folk. They seem to have fallen out of the news lately. Another reality that Big Brother doesn’t want us to think about.


And, yes, it would no doubt reduce my chances of having an auto accident that is caused by the army of truck drivers and students out there on the roads and highways driving 85 mph. Not because of how I drive, but they have no interest in how I drive. Only how old I am, which they know and you don’t because the gov’t now requires us to release all significant kinds of information that we fought so hard in my youth to protect us from discrimination – not US, of course. We could never imagine discrimination against US. We were working for other people out there who evidently don’t care. Or more likely can’t afford to lose their jobs. If any.

Did you know there are now 18 American States trying to push through legislation to make peaceful protest illegal? Apparently the protests are good for something — or nobody would bother to do this, though the irritating thing about demonstrations to me is that they do not actually save anything – like the rule of law for example, which is necessary in order to get the things we are demonstrating about.

Y’all will have to think about USING the rule of law to protect the rule of law if that’s what you want. I’m too old for it, and if they really want me to stay within 40 miles of home they will probably find a way. If they can figure out where is my home and if they do, I expect they will let me know.




Report From the Road – 170530

News Flash – dead mouse removed from the heater fan!

Leaving for Chama tomorrow (Friday)

Report below –




I’ve known the man and his wife for maybe 20 minutes altogether, and we are sitting around the kitchen table writing up a receipt.

“Yes,” he said, “plastics give off smells.”


“—and glue and artificial fabrics and sprays and treatments, and that’s everything there is to the inside of a new travel trailer, except for some bits of metal, most of them painted, so that’s why I bought a cargo trailer. My idea is to get metal – – – ”


“It’s strange that we don’t have that problem with our trailer, and we have a – maybe ours is old enough to be before — .”

src=”https://factfictionfancy.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/170525-fortgriffin-dsc4412rlss.jpg?w=210″ alt=”” width=”210″ height=”300″ />

“Some people are more sensitive than others, but those chemicals that make us ‘canaries’ sick are not good for anybody’s health. I’m surprised they let the companies use these materials without the proper safety testing. I remember when we had regulations that required testing materials before we live in them, and especially with children.”

“Wait,” he said: “I know how to fix it. Colloidal silver. Take colloidal silver and you won’t have any of those problems anymore. Where is that thing, I downloaded it from the internet. I used to get sick from dipping, but the colloidal silver took it all away, and my friend – – — etcetcetc.”


(Sick from chewing tobacco? You are telling me you take a harmful chemical so that you can take another harmful chemical and you are now happy because this makes it possible to take two harmful chemicals rather than none?) I didn’t say it. He would not have understood.


And that is howLadies and gentlemen, I came upon the recipe for colloidal silver, but it won’t save us from the pollution, either individually or collectively. The solution to the poisonous effects of man-made toxins is to stop making man-made toxins. Or at least stop using them. The solution to chemical sensitivity is not to apply more chemicals. It’s to take away the ones you already have used that caused the problem in the first place,


The solution to any problem is NOT to find a need and sell something with the claim that it will work and then claim that the claim is “research.”


The solution to a problem is to find the cause and fix it; research is finding the cause, not the fix and not any meme.


Change the subject away from finding the cause of the problem, because that subject makes us uncomfortable for some reason (any reason) – then find a cure for the subject that didn’t cause the problem in the first place. That is the story of pollution, of climate change, and very likely of the end of humankind.


Or take colloidal silver, give it to the children and adults who are dying of –


But wait, we were talking about pollution. What happens with pollution while we are taking the colloidal silver, or sniffing herbal essences, or whatever we decide to do to treat our symptoms.


Of course, while we are sniffing, the pollution keeps getting worse. 15%, 25%, 40%.


What happens when 50 percent of all the people are affected? Vomitting is the least of the symptoms, but my mind gave me a picture of the social event of the year, as 50 percent of the residents of a city are upchucking in the public restrooms on a particularly bad day in August.

Wouldn’t it make better sense, rather than building bigger and better restrooms, wouldn’t it make more sense to do something about reducing the level of pollution?


Anyhow, by that time it will be very hard to pretend that they will all be OK if we give them colloidal silver, but if you want the recipe, let me know. He gave me a copy.


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