Bare Bones Biology 343 – Black Friday

As our world population grows beyond the ability of the corposystem to give us what it teaches us to want, the young and the old are valued, more and more, primarily as sources of profit — victims of the never-ending corposystem growth machine that helps us to die; requires we give birth whether or not we want to; and then trains up the children to believe in the corposystem ethic of growth by domination for gain.


All to grow the economy. To feed the infinite maw of the corposystem, our modern socio-economic/political environment.


161115-standingrock-asc_8167rls-copy-2rlssIncreasingly, the dreams of our young adults, also, are sacrificed to the growth machine — their ideals converted to activism or cannon fodder, self-destruction, and abusive behaviors – the good guys and the bad guys, running after happiness, as the television and their indoctrinated peer groups educate them to do.


The corposystem teaches us to be victims of someone/something other than ourselves that controls our happiness, and then to blame ourselves or our roots, or our community and family and neighbors if we aren’t happy.


Does that sound like a new religion to you? It does to me. But religion, throughout our human evolution has functioned to subdue our shadow behaviors so that the whole of humanity can survive. This new mantra, to the contrary, teaches us to use the best parts of ourselves – our positive instincts including happiness, love, compassion — to destroy ourselves, individually and as a species.

Of course everyone knows the corposystem has an up-side. Everything has both an up side and a down side. We have lots of good stuff; that’s what is supposed to make us happy. But even if it does, in our current environment, the downside is in violation of natural law and therefore in control, and the down side to the corposystem is growth. To grow forever would require infinite resources, and the earth does not have infinite resources to share with humans. We have used up what the earth has to spare, beyond feeding itself.   Now the corposystem increasingly is preying upon us, its own micro-system, using our instincts and our own creative political constitution against our best interests. Increasingly, we humans are the resource the corposystem uses to maintain its profit imperative; to save itself.


An emergent macro-system such as the corposystem cannot long survive by consuming its own micro-system.


Our corposystem teaches us to be victims both of itself and of each other, and then finds fault with us because we behave like victims, as we run after happiness down that threefold asphalt highway toward domination (winning) — buying stuff or doing stuff that the corposystem requires to feed its growth machine. And then blaming each other and competing with each other to decide who is “right” and who is “wrong” at a time when no opinions are required.


We already know the factual cause of the resource problem. Too much growth.


Good guys and bad guys, the corposystem is farming us as we farm cattle. Our bodies and our behaviors feed the growth machine, no matter what we do. It has trained us to believe that winning (or “success”) generates “happiness.” Actually, winning and success within the corposystem primarily generate domination, but domination does not generate happiness.


Should that make us angry? Absolutely! But then, instead of using our anger to restore the rule of law that was created to prevent exactly this, to defeat this emergent runaway feedback growth system/religion — instead of doing that, we displace our righteous anger onto other people who are also part of our communal microsystem. Wives, children, neighbors, immigrants, presidents, political parties. People who are all in the same corposystem boat that we are, and are similarly striking out at us. Blaming each other. Growth by domination.


For just one example, it is not possible to defeat a powerful growth machine by domination; if you want to read up on that aspect of the problem, I recommend A Persistent Peace, by Father John Dear.* He has spent his life studying and practicing active non-violence, and is one of our most knowledgeable experts.


What he may not understand is that it is similarly impossible to defeat a domination machine by growth of anything – even nonviolence. Because the machine is a system, not a human, and because it has grown beyond human control, it doesn’t care who or what generates the growth that it requires. By channeling the best of our humanity, our compassion and our creativeness, into growth, the corposystem is able to expand itself, generating the violence and domination that it requires for the existence of its own phenotype — growth by domination for profit.


The way to defeat a growth machine is to withhold the resources required for its growth. We could be doing that because now we are the resources. But we would rather blame each other than starve the beast by reducing our populations. It will happen, because we cannot change how nature functions to maintain itself, and the beast is already starving; we cannot stop the process; but we could take charge of the process and immeasurably reduce the amount of suffering for humans and all other sentient beings of Earth.


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*­­Dear, John. 2008. A Persistent Peace. Loyola Press.