Bare Bones Biology 339 – Life is Confusing



LYNN! She shrieked. It’s Jessica! And planted a bright red kiss on my right cheek

Blessings on all people who do NOT say: “Do you remember who I am?” Of course I remember who Jessica is, but on this day I am trying to deal with about five categories of my history of culture shocks, beginning with The Canyon, where there are no bright red kisses — and driving down the mountainside through a couple hours of memories, and arriving behind the view finder of my camera at the solidarity demonstration –which is the deepest focus of my attention. And here is Jessica – in the wrong place from where I remember her.


It’s a bit of a culture shock. It rearranges the building blocks of my world view.


And so – today – this blog is dedicated to Jessica — with love, in the right place at the right time. And to the culture shock we humans need if we are to survive on this living earth.


Is all that confusing? It should be. My life is confusing, especially when five different threads of my reality – five different truths — come together in one environment. I am confused.

People confuse me, and there are several hundred people here in front of the Bank of America trying to make several points about reality, all at the same

time. All symbolized, for the most part, around the issue of water. I have come to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to photograph the New Energy Economy as it stands with Standing Rock.


Water is Life.


That’s one truth, and I suppose my five truths can be folded in there.

But the real truth is much more basic, and unless we can find a path toward that fact, the demonstrations will be more fun, sad and humane than they will be useful in our efforts to save ourselves from ourselves. It’s not just water; Life is not only about water. Life is about, all at the same time, earth, air, fire and water, as the anciens have always known, and even deeper than that, Life is about the BALANCE among these – the balance of earth, air, fire and water.


Life is not about winning, it’s about living, and living is not about who wins what or who can dominate whom. Life — and I am not talking about human life. Human life is inconsequential in the context of all of Life because all of Life is essential to the survival of human life.


Unless we can use these demonstrations as educational tools to rearrange the building blocks of our communal Western world view so that we understand the most basic fact that Life is about balance, we humans cannot survive in the real world.


Balance is the root of all Life the elk, the canyon, Santa Fe, the Bank of America — and even earth, air. fire and even water, cannot maintain life unless they and we all are balanced in the cycles of environmental reality and environmental need.


But we have decided it should all be about us. We the bad guys and also we the good guys – we have forgotten that Life is not about us. Life is about Life. Earth, air, fire and water – all balanced in an interconnected system that cannot stay alive if it is not balanced – cannot stay alive if it is not connected up – cannot stay alive if it is connected up wrong – cannot stay alive if one part if it decides to change all the other parts around.


Unless we can use these demonstrations as educational tools rather than wars to be won – education to spread the concept of the reality of, and the requirement for, interconnectedness BEYOND human omnipotence — we will lose even the water in the end.


It’s not a game we are playing, nor a TV drama, nor a career to build, and nor a photo op. It’s a responsibility to our truths, the basic facts of Life, and to the human children of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


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