Bare Bones Biology 332 – Facts

I have finally conquered lecture one of Physics. It took about six weeks, but now I can spontaneously tell you that speed equals distance divided by time. For example, miles per hour. And velocity is displacement divided by time, which is not what I thought it was and explains some of my confusion about the facts that are described by the science of physics. Displacement is how far away you are from where you started – not how many miles you went to get there. Words, words, words, but their definitions are critically important if we want to understand the facts they describe.


Personally, I don’t much care, but I now have these mathematical definitions in my mind so I can go on to number two of the 60 lectures in the course. Probably take the rest of my life, but I want to know how the language of the math works, because our modern generations seem to understand that mathematical facts are facts – but not to understand ALL facts are facts.


Two plus two = four. Surely it does, and always it does, regardless how we name the numbers. Four, quatro160917-mountainmusic-asc_6264rss-copy, whatever the word, the fact remains a fact.


There was a time in human history when we did not have numbers to help us understand the facts of our universe. Understanding the numbers, the facts, gave us power. Power to align ourselves with the reality, or to fight against it, but not to change the facts — because facts do not change for us. By definition.   The word applies to things/realities/forces that humans cannot change. Regardless of how some authors mis-use the word to sell books.


Somehow in the past 50 years or so, the majority of people (voters/citizens) seem to have come to the idea that science changes facts. Science does not change facts. Neither does technology. Basic science seeks to understand the facts, and technology seeks to use the facts. What we use them for is basically up to the people, and that is where religion should come in, but instead we seem to have ditched it, or perhaps sidelined would be a better description; put our religions into separate little boxes that don’t directly relate to the realities of Life, and science off in some other separate box.

But the fact is that facts are facts – the same facts, if they are real, both in science and religion. Just as the word “two” means two, also the word “fact” means something that we cannot change, so once we know what the facts are, it makes no sense to try to fight against them. Cooperate, yes; align ourselves with reality, yes; fight against something that we cannot change? Stupid, really. Suicidal.


Where I sit now, in a cabin at 7000 plus feet altitude, a few steps from the US continental divide, I look out the window as the sun is rising, behind a thousand feet of cliff in my back yard, and skinny clouds form and slither and creep through the canyon with the fluid ease of misty, slowly swirling Gods, or maybe omnipotent, hungry dragons that swallow me up slicker than a snake swallows a rat, it’s easy enough to believe in facts. Maybe it’s not so easy, where you live, to believe in the omnipotence of reality, but the root facts are the same everywhere.


2 + 2 = 4.

Surely it does, and if we would rather believe that 2+2 = 5, then we are wrong, and when we get the facts wrong we get our answers wrong. Like Hitleresque bullies stumbling around in a continental divide midnight thunderstorm, trying to prove that we are bigger than the clouds – bigger even than the cliff.



We could tear it down with our machines, but that would not change the Facts of Life.


We can’t change gravity, how it works to bring the boulders crashing down the hill during a midnight thunderstorm. We can’t change systems, how they speak to each other in the language of information energy. We can’t change time or space and neither can our Einsteins.


Better to figure out how the facts work and how to use them properly — for the common good, for all sentient beings, for the glory of God and The Creation.   For the welfare of human kind.


Why else are we here?


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