Bare Bones Biology 331 – September Song

This is my September Song, written in on 9-1-1, 2007. Entitled Voldemort.


To me this date every year is a reminder of the kindness of Takahashi-sensei

On that morning when I woke to shocking images on television

Of an unbelievable call to realty

And arrived on his doorstep an hour early

For my Japanese lesson.



And very soon after that, George Bush and Osama bin Laden began their macho

Pax de deux.



On this date – today, in 2007 – the television greeted me with

A message even more shocking to me, if that were possible::



         “It doesn’t matter what we have done

It matters what we have become.”



What have we become?


We have become a people who no longer CARE what we have done.


And what has been done

In my name

by my country

curdles my insides.


Whatever we have become can never change what we have done


It matters:


It matters to the orphans; it matters to God’s Creation; and it matters to me.


We have broken our own laws;

We are terrorists, pretending to be heroes.

We have emasculated our constitution;

And desecrated our flag.

We have chosen to abuse the whole world,

Rather than nurture the Creation.


Pretending to be heroes.


“And what does your God require of you but to

love kindness

do justice

and walk humbly with him?”


And I’ll repeat this ending to the folk story told by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers on their exceptional DVDs that can be obtained at


“And the man killed the bird

And with the bird he killed the song

And with the song – himself.”


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