Bare Bones Biology 329 – Ignorance


 “. . . ignorance by itself is a potent cause of suffering, knitting the net in which man is caught – the net of false hopes, of unrealistic and harmful desires, of delusive ideologies, and of perverted values and aims.”   Nyonaponika Thera,    1993.


Short of death and taxes we have a fair number of lesser disasters to face in life, most of which result from ignorance of the reality of a situation or from forgetting what we already knew. Or just wishing.

My most recent was aided and abetted by a couple of people who claim they wanted to be “colleagues” but were abusively opposed to finding out what it is that I am trying to do that we might be collegial about.


Colleague is a professional, city kind of word. During the decades that I was a professional city kind of person I only had one colleague who – well never mind, she used to write toxic letters, but she never actually tried to physically trash another persons work, so far as I know.


160711-sargents-asc_4806rls-copySo, now I’m back in the canyon, where the aspens are already beginning to turn and air we breath is incomparable to any city kind of professional air, anywhere, and I am healthier living here than I have been in a decade or two, but — nobody got what they wanted most.


Yesterday, Bitsy and I popped in to the Winter Palace to do laundry and a few chores and right back out to the wilderness. It’s a good way to live, but it wastes a lot of gas, not to mention contributing to the prevailing pollution, so I try to not do it very often. I washed the bedding that smelled of the cabin, relocated what I think is our last house-rat. He looked pretty bad, thin and undernourished, I put him out near some horses so maybe he can find food; there isn’t any here, just the smells, and I plugged up his entryway, but of course they know the entrances and exits better than I do and the cabin is a vermin-sieve, but Bitsy and I together are pushing them back out into the real world. After a hot afternoon of vermin chasing, she goes up in the loft, stretches out on the carpet, leans her head over the edge and watches from above as I work .


It could have been worse. One disaster out of ten or twelve biggish cooperative efforts is probably a good record – very good if we consider that win/win/win is not a goal to which most people now aspire, and if I look back and count up, this one was only half a disaster, because there is no such thing as a glass half full, and it’s the bot


tom half from which we learn. People who live from the top never do learn much, and the odd thing is they boast about it even though they know it’s only half a life.


And that reminds me of another meme we invented to avoid thinking, some time back in my life, that said: “everyone has a right to (her) own (beliefs-behaviors).” I disagree; I was raised in the Hitler era, and I refuse to empower abusive behaviors in myself or others, for any reason other than physical self-defense, which fortunately has not been an issue — yet.

And anyhow, whatever I can do to explain biological reality to the corposystem will not prevent the impending collapse, because it’s just us few micro-components against the full emergent might of the corposystem, and we will lose. I knew that when I started. Yes, it is a tragedy, but it is happening, with or without my consent.


“And the man killed the bird,

And with the bird he killed the song,

And with the song – he killed himself.“


So be it. I made my choices. What’s the point of saving the world of man if men   can’t behave decently in it.


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