Bare Bones Biology 325 – Different Roads?


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We split ourselves in the Axial age, with the origin of the great religions, maybe that’s when the choices were made, the East and the West. Or perhaps much more recently with the false divide in the Western world between science and religion. Or maybe in my lifetime as we leave behind the basic science, the study of the works of God, in favor of human technologies that have raised up the power of man so high – “Western” man – that we believe ourselves to be looking down upon God, or at least we behave as though that is what we believe.


This week I visited with the spirit of Los Alamos. Twice. Or maybe three times in three days. One day to consult with a theoretical physicist about my understanding of energy. That is, energy as described by basic science/mathematics. The energy that the Earth receives from our sun that turns the pages of the Book of Life for all of us. It was very exciting for me as a scientist; that is, a student of basic biology, to update my understanding of the nature of Life. How Life works using energy and translating information, to stay alive.


The works of God.


The next day I attended the Sackcloth and Ashes nonviolence demonstration which is held every year at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos on Hiroshima day, August 6.


The work of man.


And then coming home, three miles into my wilderness canyon one-lane road, I joined my neighbor under the back end of my pickup as we worked with twigs and stiff stems to extract a threatened young horny toad from a crevice in the mud tire. The horny toad is threatened collectively by the power of mankind, and individually, this time, by my rear tire. While we worked, my neighbor explained the horny toad (“grandfather”) is a Navajo symbol of the power of God, the power of lightning shooting into the sky. Energy, I said. Yes, he said, the same energy.


If we disagree about natural law, it’s not because there are two different kinds of natural law – or energy — one for your God and one for mine. The horny toad is one of many different manifestations of the Law of Life, but there is only one Law of how Life functions to maintain all of Life. One horny toad; one lightning; one physics; one set of interconnected processes that maintain the whole of Life; even Los Alamos.


160806-Sackcloth-asc_5021RSs copyAt the Hiroshima Day Protest an example was cited of a man who believes not in one, but in two. Two ethics; two “rights.” This man believes there is no conflict between his anti-war social/political opinions and his war-related profession. He works for the National Laboratory that designs and produces nuclear weapons. He “couldn’t see” the connection between his work, which to him is “not a problem,” and our national/international war ethic.


And that reminded me of another time – another discussion – when I claimed that God made two books, more than two books. Books in many human languages, but only one set of natural laws that make Life possible on earth. Only one Book of Life. One record of the works of God that is not written in the languages of men, but is recorded in the very energy and information of nature that is “spread out before us,” that is studied by theoretical physicists and basic biologists. Not the human technologies that we can control, but God’s Natural Law, how it works . Our disconnect between the two realities cannot be repaired by ignoring the reality of either (or both, or all). God, God’s Natural Law, Man. Because it is one, and it is what it is.


160806-Sackcloth-asc_5118RLSs copyAnd I said: “If God created the world, then He meant for it to work the way it does work.”

There are not two roads or two ethics or two “rights” in the Laws of God, but only in the imagination of man that we can behave in one way and believe in another way.


And the first is destroying the second and the second is destroying the first, and neither will listen to the other, and they are both EQUALLY destroying the works of God by their behaviors.


It is the same disconnect — to proclaim that Life is the work of God and then behave as though the Laws of Life do not exist. In fact, God’s Laws of Life do exist, and we have been given the tools to see them and the means to obey them. We use those tools to proclaim war and to disclaim war, but not to PREVENT war by addressing the root cause of our wars. Thus we are one with the man who claims to be antiwar and yet works for the war machine.

And we also cannot see our disconnect.



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  1. Excellent post, Lynn, as usual. (This is the first time I’ve commented but I’ve been reading you throughout the summer.) A book you may enjoy, which is also on my “Grace Limits audios” page (and the thumb drive I gave you too, I believe) is “Green History of Religion” by Anand Veereraj. It radically transformed how I see all of the Axial Religions and helped me understand why they are ALL so disparaging of the Body of Life and so otherworldly focused. It’s brilliant! See here:

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