Bare Bones Biology 323 – Wrong Answers

If we ask the wrong questions, we will get the wrong answers,


My question is never — not ever — about how good a job anyone can do at anything –

Or has done,

Or how many facts they know.


NEVER! (I will yell a bit in this blog if you will pardon me.)


I don’t care how “good” you are; or how many things you know. Neither does yesterday. And tomorrow cares mostly about what harm you may have done, not how much good.


I am a lot more interested in today, because today is our power, our only power, and unless it is my dentist, I don’t care, because I think, outside of technical detail jobs, doing a good job is a boondoggle.


160628-sunrise-asc_4659RLSs Not a life of service, but a modern form of slavery – unpaid work for an abusive and controlling corposystem, and an excuse to not ask questions about why we are doing what, and what harm all that doing may be doing – because everything we do causes harm to someone/thing, and it’s our job to balance the harm we are doing – not to spend our days desperately working harder and harder — or worse, trying to prove that someone else is not as good as we are — without understanding what we are good at, what we are working for. Or why.


I believe everyone is ALREADY doing a good job of whatever she believes to be a good thing to do. I really do, and if they don’t agree of course that’s their problem not mine.


My question is NOT about doing a good job; my question is — who decides what is a good thing to do? And what is the basis for that decision?


For example, with the concept of a recently developing knee-jerk meme — educating women. What is that about? Where did it come from? Who does it serve? It sounds great doesn’t it – empower the victim – but when I was coming along we wanted to educate EVERYBODY. Now we are asked to lower our sights. Hmmmmm I wonder why?


The question is not whether education is good or bad or even if it reduces reproduction rate under some un-definable circumstances.
The question is who gets to teach what to whom. Of course we already know the answer. The corposystem gets to teach us how to be better consumers.

160720-FullMoon-asc_4865_ copys copy

And some minorities and some women are fiercely opposed to being taught, or to reducing their fertility, and I agree that is a valid point of view learned by real experience, but again it is the wrong question fighting the right battle, because we all change and grow no matter what anyone teaches us. Or at least we will if we don’t get hung up on our own history. The real question is, or should be, how you (we) want to change and grow. Do we want to grow in a way that will give us more of what we want – or do we have some other axe to grind?


Because, if you/we are clever enough to avoid being brainwashed by yesterday’s memes, learning can give us the tools to better understand and outwit the very corposystem that wants to teach us how to be losers.

We can run away from being taught, or we can suck it up and deal with it, or we can integrate our new learning into a new and more beautiful vision, but we can’t get free of what is — by refusing to learn about it.


In the end, by denying ourselves the best available lifestyle that can be obtained (in this example) via smaller family size and the best possible education, we sacrifice our own goals — not to the power we are trying to defy, but to FEAR of UNDERSTANDING that power, and that is a whole lot worse.


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