Bare Bones Biology 322 – Wrong Answers – Politics

What Pres. Obama has done for us (or we could say what we did for ourselves by electing him) is to give us eight more years in which to deal with our biological problem and — though he stated clearly and at the first fairly frequently that he could not do what the public wanted without the backing of the public – nevertheless, when he needed support – what he got was a bunch of navel-gazing, whining children sucking at the teat of the corposystem (our corpo-political economic social system).


Just as happened after the Green Revolution. Abdication of responsibility by the people and for the people – but not by the President, who succeeded in holding back the tide of Hitlerism that is coming our way.  Why do I say it is coming our way? Because we are asking for it — dancing around our personal “maypoles,” spewing our wastes into the atmosphere and chanting: “There is nothing we can do, find someone else to do it for us.” (“So we may as well do nothing but dance and play and blame someone else, and pout because we can’t all have everything we want”).


And hundreds of similar excuses to do nothing — all corposystem approved – probably corposystem generated — each taking us closer to the tipping point of our biological problem.


Corposystem approved because: a) the excuse serves our level one system, ourselves – the individual humans who would rather dance than tend to our responsibilities to the future – and, b) it serves level two, the corposystem, by preventing others from generating a solution to the biological problem that is at the root of the disarray.


And what is The Problem? The corposystem itself, of course, is not sustainable. That means, sooner or later it will crash – not because IT WANTS TO CRASH. Far from it – The CS would rather grow forever richer — but because the people are too busy dancing to support or demand the changes that could convert the corposystem into a sustainable social system – beginning with enforced removal from all corporate charters of the “growth” requirement and continuing with provision of free international access to birth control (or the other way round). A sustainable system does not destroy the Biosystem that feeds it.


And those are only two of the things that we can do.


What will NOT work is to hire a President, require her to “fix” our problems, and then get “upset and disillusioned” because she can’t change the corposystem into a sustainable system at the same time that we the people continue to support the corposystem ethic of growth by domination to give us whatever we want.


Neither can we grow a sustainable social system by hiring a President who will reinforce the corposystem ethic of growth by domination for gain that is the cause of our biological problem in the first place.

But, you tell me: “The Problem is hopeless,” enabling its hopelessness by proclaiming its hopelessness, we undermine everything the President tries to do and we abdicate our responsibility — and in so doing we serve the wants of Level One (individual people) by enabling the victim status we prefer, and we serve the desires of level Two (growth by domination for riches) by NOT forcing it to change itself into a social system that is sustainable.


With the added perk that we can then blame the rich people when the problems get bigger.


The more we proclaim the hopelessness of The Problem – the more hopeless we cause it to be. And we can sit back and enjoy “Aint It Awful.” (Games People Play, Berne, 1996)


The next step in this predictable slide from grace is physical war, as we continue to choose the failed corposystem ethic (growth by domination for winning) over common sense and common courtesy. While we dance the dance of pretty fairy tales and blame someone else for the result.


And heaven forbid anyone would do anything that would make themselves or anyone else “feel uncomfortable”.


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Berne, Eric. 1996. Games People Play