Bare Bones Biology 321 – Premesis Revised II

It is foolish to compete with people who are promoting the same goal as one’s self. For one thing, it’s impossible to win. My father used to say: “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.” That is not how successful systems function; and more importantly for us, it does not matter who is more important than whom; with the entire system is teetering on the edge of collapse, none of us will be important in the end — and that dominator ethic is a major cause of the failure of our corposystem in its modern environment. Growth by competitive domination for personal gain.


Successful systems, to the contrary, are supportive of their environments, which are the other half(s) of themselves.
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To be supportive of a different system requires complex modes of communication, so that the complexity of the information base is first increased, and then recombined by “discussion” from all viewpoints and then translated into a “language” that interprets the information for the “other.” After thorough discussion, the relevant information is then used to respond to and support the survival needs of both (all) of the involved system(s).


That is the natural process. It is what will happen. and is happening in any case. Humans donot control nature, but humans could be part of the discussion if we would change our attitude toward both our own importance and the nature of the other systems. The advantage of being human is  that we can do this process — discussion/recombination and then decision — by intent, rather than wait around for natural selection to decide. We have the tools. We lack the will.


However, if we all make the same small contribution, or if we all simply believe the world view in  which we were raised, without using our tools to communicate positively with the other essential systems, then we will end up with knee-jerk  radical activism that never learns more than it already  knows, but instead becomes more and more violently focused on its original viewpoint (ref. Huston Smith), which is fifty years out of date.


Knowledge is not advanced without the recombination process — in humans, that process would ideally arise from discussion, defined as both listening and talking toward the common goal — rather than war — defined as ranging from the “Powers of the Weak” (Janeway), through debate, through the increasingly more violent options.


Unfortunately, our corposystem (and the people who believe in it) requires the world to bow to it’s own imaginary “survival of the fittest” event. That is, the war option, rather than the partnership option as defined by Eisler). War — for the most part, is NOT the natural system, or not the mature natural system. Highly evolved systems evolve to generate more highly evolved systems that cooperate. But war is the predictable and predicted end of the corposystem, in part because of its “dominator” world view – the suicide event of the corposystem — when opinions that have solidified into a radical versions of their own original insights cause more harm than good because they cannot adapt to any environment other than that of their own origin, which has died 50 years ago.
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If we genuinely want to grow a viable system for our Homo sapien future (I don’t believe that is what most of us want in our modern corposystem; what we want is to “win,” i.e., dominate other people and nature and God — and for the most part we don’t consider what we are losing in the process — but that is a different problem). If we want to intentionally grow a viable system to replace that corposystem – then we need to have a more rational understanding of nature’s Law of Life and how it functions to drive forward the three basic requirements of naturally evolved        (complex adaptive) systems:

1 – self perpetuation within the system’s other half, its environmental system                                                   (sustainability)

2 – communication between and among the systems

3 – natural selection of the emergent properties of the system by its                                                      environmental system(s).


Otherwise, the systems will choose for us, and because the corposystem is operating on a world view that is not sustainable in its present environmental conditions, the Biosystem will eliminate the greatest threat to itself, the corposystem. Or to be more accurate, the corposystem will eliminate itself by its own behaviors.

Therefore, and because I didn’t see anyone else concentrating on this approach when I began, my work involves elucidating a holistic viewpoint of how systems function in evolution, so that others may use this information as they discuss its ramifications and recombine its relevences within their own community of world views.


Because we must either choose or choose to not choose, and without the best information, the best choice is not possible.


The result of my search is given as a contribution to the community and for the love of the vision — what Homo sapiens could have been. Once I make the information available in a form that others can access — whether or not I succeed in communicating the relevance, ramifications, validity and/or implications of my alternative world view — then my obligation and my gift to the human community are fulfilled. I can’t make it happen.

Free at last!




Now what shall I do?




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Recommended References: Sorry my web provider cut me off so not complete:

Riane Eisler. 1987. The Chalice and the Blade.

Huston Smith. The Roots of Fundamentalism–A Conversation with Huston Smith and    Phil Cousineau. A DVD.

Elizabeth Janeway. Powers of the Weak. A classic that set me on this path decades ago

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