Bare Bones Biology 320 – Premises Updated I

1 – All of the Creation consists of naturally evolved, interconnected systems


a – therefore it follows that naturally evolved systems must have mechanisms to perpetuate themselves; otherwise all of the Creation would be a mish-mash of randomly interacting processes; it would fall apart.


That is why the primary function of a naturally evolved system is to perpetuate itself. Systems that cannot perpetuate themselves in a world of change are not a   permanent part of the picture. They are eliminated by natural selection. The Law of Life (Lamoreux, 2016. Part One) describes some of the many mechanisms that  systems use to perpetuate themselves.

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b – the living earth consists of interacting systems based on the original system of    Life that arose on Earth, or was delivered to Earth about 3.2 billion years ago. The living cell then adaptively radiated into many subsystems and levels of organization to generate the Life of Earth itself. Life can be defined as the ability to respond to the environment and to replicate self. All complex adaptive systems, by definition, can respond to their environments, and that is presumably why systems exist. How they do it then becomes the question.


2 – Systems must be able to communicate with each other through time (genetics and evolution) and also through space (natural selection), and not in a random or slap-dash, variable fashion, or this universe could not have happened. Therefore we can assume:


a – Evolution is not random because natural selection is not random.


b – Evolution is not primarily survival of the fittest; it is the survival of those systems that can positively communicate with each other (among themselves) to help maintain both themselves and the other systems that are necessary for their survival.


The above two statements are responses to memes that have been used by the corposystem to justify (maintain) its unsustainable system of domination behaviors (Eisler. 1987).


3 – We individuals are components of two systems (I’m simplifying the reality to clarify our problem) that at the present time have conflicting needs for their survival. One is our evolved corposystem world view. The other is the previously evolved Biosystem reality.

160703-sunrise-asc_4728LRSs copy

a – I do not believe we will save ourselves by choosing how we want to evolve (change) our basic human nature. Certainly not until we can think about systems as they are and as they function.


b – I do believe that we have finally reached the time when we must choose between the evolved world view of the corposystem and the evolved reality of the Biosystem.


This is good, because choosing is very much easier and more likely to succeed.


c – However, before we choose, it would be best to understand how the systems function to maintain themselves.   Otherwise we will be flying blind in the nextfollowing step, which of course will be to decide what we can do to support our choice.


One person or small group of persons cannot accomplish this task by all saying and doing and writing the same mantra that describes the same vision within the group – and then trying to grow enough soft or hard power to beat up on others of different visions.


Furthermore, it is foolish to compete with people who are      promoting the same goal as one’s self. That is not how successful systems function; it is how the failed corposystem functions. Successful systems support the other half of themselves, their environmental system(s).


This is the first half of my updated premises; second half next week.


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