Bare Bones Biology 310 – Conclusion

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“My raw throat is closing, my heart racing, and my head fuzzy from the fumes emanating from my dear friend. She knows I’m very sensitive to chemicals.

“I stopped wearing perfume a long time ago after I found out that it makes some people sick,” she says.

“What do I say?

“What I’m thinking is this:

The fragrance in your laundry products is just as toxic as any perfume you would spray on. In fact it can be even more problematic because there is no way to control the amount of fragrance that ends up on your clothes and it is very difficult to ever get it to wash out. All of your clothes and linens are now drenched in it, so there is no way for you to decide to be “fragrance free” for a day so you can come visit me without making me ill. The companies that sell laundry products have been progressively ramping up the amounts of fragrance in their products because they know that it is not how well the product works that sells it, but how it smells. As a result, the products we have now are far more toxic and irritating than they were in the past. But this has gone practically unnoticed by people like you because you have become so accustomed to living in a cloud of chemical fumes that your sense of smell has become dulled. So you can’t tell that at this very moment your clothes are outgassing enormous amounts of the sick-making fragrance that you think you are not wearing. And now I’m sick.

“What I say is: “Oh well, everything makes me sick now. Don’t worry about it.”

Because I love my friend.”



Why do people behave like this?

I mean how could a best friend ignore the reality that tortures her best friend?

Is it possible that most of the people in our culture who are competent and truly sensitive to others do not listen to their reality because they have been given the placebo of a happy world view that makes sense but is not true — and they lack the courage to face the grief and anger they would feel if they were to open their eyes to the reality and recognize the lie. Or recognize the higher truth that their culture has abandoned them – rather used them to dominate and destroy their best friends in the name of profits. And then twisted the knife by applauding their heroism. “Not using perfume.” Indeed. I do not believe a person can walk around within a cloud of stench and not know it – but I see it every day.

Let’s face it.

160423-Canyon-ASC_4060RLSs copy This is not just a little problem among friends; it’s a way of life in our social system today.

The most obvious behaviors of our social system can be described as “Growth by Domination for Gain.” Most of our heroes, in their efforts to change that abusive system we have created – what they are actually doing in their efforts to change the system — IS growth by domination for personal gain. It is not possible to change growth by domination for gain by attacking it with more growth my domination for gain.

One plus one equals TWO, NOT ZERO.

BUT of course it is a lot more fun being a celebrated hero than trying to understand the commandments of Reality, and trying to reconcile ourselves with the broken promises left to us by our parents’ broken dreams.


It’s happening every day. But words can’t change facts.

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