I am looking for this author


Because she has posted the best series I know on the subject of chemical sensitivity. She is not trying to become famous or make money off the suffering of others. She is (was) posting facts, not fiction, fantasy or hype.

And I am just finishing moving my whole life into a canyone where nobody else lives but the turkeys and the elk, in order to not — well really, I was not so down on losing my old body, but the brain? No way.

So here I am now trying to find a way to keep the body warm while saving he brain by getting away from people, and I discover hat EMF can be as bad. Electromagnetic fields caused by all our “wonderful” technologies that have spread the rays all around the planet, except in my little canyon, except for one email dish. Of course, I did know this; I had a compatriot in grad school who studied this, all those many years ago, and was unable to publish it or pursue a career. Nonsense, of course, our technologies are more important than your reality.

I wonder how I can post an article out of Nature onto my Facebook page on he same day that I go to look up Sound as a Crystal to tell her about the new series I’m starting to describe the search for health within the corposystem that only cares for profit. She writes about it so much better than I. I want her to know that she, not the wonderful Nobel-Prize Winning heroine of CRISPR, is working for the deeper welfare of our species.

Simplicity of Wellness indeed. We use technologies to hide the problems caused by other technologies that we created to cover up the previous ones. It doesn’t work to fix anything, only to line pockets. The cure for a problem is to stop doing what is causing it. I want to see how she is now.

But I don’t know where she is or how to reach her.

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