I am looking for this author


Because she has posted the best series I know on the subject of chemical sensitivity. She is not trying to become famous or make money off the suffering of others. She is (was) posting facts, not fiction, fantasy or hype.

And I am just finishing moving my whole life into a canyone where nobody else lives but the turkeys and the elk, in order to not — well really, I was not so down on losing my old body, but the brain? No way.

So here I am now trying to find a way to keep the body warm while saving he brain by getting away from people, and I discover hat EMF can be as bad. Electromagnetic fields caused by all our “wonderful” technologies that have spread the rays all around the planet, except in my little canyon, except for one email dish. Of course, I did know this; I had a compatriot in grad school who studied this, all those many years ago, and was unable to publish it or pursue a career. Nonsense, of course, our technologies are more important than your reality.

I wonder how I can post an article out of Nature onto my Facebook page on he same day that I go to look up Sound as a Crystal to tell her about the new series I’m starting to describe the search for health within the corposystem that only cares for profit. She writes about it so much better than I. I want her to know that she, not the wonderful Nobel-Prize Winning heroine of CRISPR, is working for the deeper welfare of our species.

Simplicity of Wellness indeed. We use technologies to hide the problems caused by other technologies that we created to cover up the previous ones. It doesn’t work to fix anything, only to line pockets. The cure for a problem is to stop doing what is causing it. I want to see how she is now.

But I don’t know where she is or how to reach her.

Bare Bones Biology 309 – Not Again!

I am becoming a fan of Sterno©, the heat in a can system that I’ve been packing around in the truck ever since leaving Texas, where I used it while staying at the Annex because I am very fond of something hot or at least warm to drink in the morning and there is no electricity out there. As you know, mostly I cannot use utilities that burn anything because the fumes make me sick.

160418-ChamaSnow-asc_3959RLSs And please don’t tell me I can burn anything because it is “all natural.” In fact, nearly everything that burns IS natural, from wood to oil to gas to candles, except electricity, which actually does its burning somewhere else and thus does not usually make me sick – unless it’s heating up plastic. Of course plastic came out of the same oil well, and nearly all electric heaters are now made of plastic (how dumb is that?) and it’s getting harder and harder and harder and harder – and I’m holding on to my old metal ones as though my life depended on them. Which it might, depending on whether or not our younger generations ever decides to concern themselves with pollution.


It’s an interesting event, because it’s above zero degrees F, above freezing in fact (F or C) in the daytime, and I am sitting on the back porch in the swirling snow, drinking a cup of hot coffee courtesy of my little can of Sterno and my friendly neighbor the Chevron station, the only place in town that is open and doing business, because they have a backup generator.


I’m watching the birds that were apparently somewhat shocked by the event and are hopping about in the bare spots that I made this morning while shoveling paths through about a foot of the white stuff. So far I see Gray-Headed Juncos, a dove, Stellar’s Jays, Red Shafted Flickers, Magpies, a woodpecker, and the flock of Robins that apparently fly in every year just ahead of the last big storm of the season, according to something I read.


It’s warm in the Chevron, and a lot more interesting socially than any local tavern I have known. Which is irrelevant because the local tavern also has no electricity. I really did need a cup of coffee; the Chevron always has coffee, and it’s quit good since the young man is making it now. In fact they always have free coffee, and you can’t top that. The only place open within many miles, working men and travelers need to buy gas, social man-groups collect around the pumps with cups of hot coffee in their cold hands.


160418-ChamaSnow-asc_3975RSs copy 


My mistake was leaving all my matches in the canyon. I might as well have stayed in the canyon for that matter, I came up for the electricity, but here I am with no electricity, and I doubt anyone is plowing the canyon road today. So after cleaning the entire house looking for them, I decided probably someone at the Chevron© would have some matches, and sure enough they gave me one of those little Bic© lighters to light my Sterno© with.


The air is clean today, so I feel right good as long as I sit upwind of the canned heat.


Yes, you guessed it, I did it again, and that’s probably what blew out all of the electricity between here and Espanola. I plugged in my electric heater and the whole shebang went down. When I mentioned to one of the man-groups that they would probably have it all fixed by tomorrow, they rolled their eyes at me.


So much for independence.


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Bare Bones Biology 307 – Evolution

I treasure my culture-shock experiences, my efforts to understand “foreign” cultures, I cherish the wonderful people I met and the many new things they taught me that nourished and expanded my world view. I think of them every day.


It has been much more difficult to understand my own country, where the most important words and morés have changed their meanings – evolved of course along with the evolution of the corposystem, our new corporate political social system – so that they no longer make sense in context. “Science,” “energy,” most importantly “evolution” “honor,” “freedom,” “The American Way.”


When I became a (reluctant) activist I discovered that the word “biologist” also has lost its former meaning. It seems that half of everyone is a biologist now. Many biologists are not scientists, specializing perhaps in what we used to call natural history or nature study, survivalists included, studying nature in situ without the scientific method. This is good, useful, it honors a Higher Power. Some are working beyond the limits of fact-based reality. Most are doing technology (making or using tools) rather than science. This can be useful if guided by a viable world view that uses good science to align our behaviors with requirements for our survival.


So who am I, the corposystem asked, that I claim to be a biologist? OK, the name does not change the game or my expertise. I am a geneticist who uses the scientific method to study naturally evolved biological systems.

As an amateur activist, my efforts to contribute from my expertise were most commonly thwarted by the most common question: “But what should we DO?”  So I said what we must do. Simply, we must reduce our population before (or concurrently with, our other primary goals) or we cannot accomplish our other primary goals. We have known this for centuries.


And I began to ask my own questions, seeking understanding, and discovered that this, our brave new world is afraid of questions, as of discussion. “What should we do?” is not a request for information. It is a kiss-off “nice” way to dominate the discussion – to win. Winning is one of the imperatives within the corposystem world view.


Win what?

I began to study my own culture as a failing, naturally evolved system. I learned that our corposystem ethic seems largely to be based in the mostly false meme “survival of the fittest” (which I am told Darwin never said). I studied physics, communications and information theory, and people, and concluded along the way that evolution mostly is about systems that communicate with each other using their emergent properties, and that the emergent properties of our corposystem are: growth, domination (competition), for gain (mostly money). By using the power of technology to give us anything we want.


So the truth, the scientific fact, the answer to the question, is so simple at the level of the science and the Biosystem that we have known it all along. We can’t have everything we want, and now we must choose and we don’t want to. And yet the answer is so complicated at the level of our corposystem, that it is only now, fifteen years later, that I even understand the question. “What should we do?” stripped of the dominance intent, translates to: “What technology or tool can we use to solve our biological problem?”


The answer to that question is also simple. There is only one set of technologies that can solve this problem, and those birth control technologies have been available for all of my adult lifetime. We have everything we need to solve the problem, including impressive social tools that we are instead applying to the effort of growth for profit by domination.


Without our exponential growth rate and the out-of-balance relationship between available food supplies and the healthy Biosystem’s ability to provide, we would not be asking what can we do. We would be doing it.

Or at least discussing the real problem.


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Bare Bones Biology 307 – I Didn’t Do That

Yesterday was not good for me. First I had two doctors’ appointments; second, they were both 100 miles away; third, I drove from my mountaintop to theirs and back, all in one day, stopping for medication on the way back, and then zonked out under my electric blanket by 6 pm. Just before midnight I woke up, went out to my little travel-trailer workshop, turned on the electric space heater, and all the lights went out in our entire subdivision.

I didn’t do that.
160320-SantaFe-asc_3694RLsDid I?

So, using battery power, I checked my emails, which consisted of about 50 political flyers, one of which I read because it did not have any fantastical, tremendous, horrendous, unbelievable, hyperflagulous words in the title.

While I do not write about politics, I do write about how systems function, and these words from Bernie Sanders could have been me – talking about naturally evolved systems that have nothing to do with politics.: “. . . the American people understand that you cannot change a corrupt political system by taking its money.”

And this is my version of essentially the same reality: “When I say that we may not succeed in implementing your mission, I am not referring to what you can do today to help other people who are caught in the system – what I mean is that what you can do today will not accomplish your long-term heart’s desire and frustration, which I believe is to move up one level of systemic organization — from helping individuals, to changing the system that creates these victims — and in fact what you do today could, unawares, enable the system’s creation of victims. “ Bernie said it better, but that’s the way I talk.

About two hours later, the lights came back on and I went out to the little workspace and turned the heater on again. Nothing bad happened, so I plugged in the DVD player to continued my study of “complex adaptive systems” of which naturally evolved systems are evidently a subset – Subset? That doesn’t make sense. How can a factual natural reality be a subset of a human conceptualization???? Ahhh, I get it. If your head is in the Biosystem world view, the naturally evolved complex adaptive systems are a subset of the Biosystem. On the contrary, if your head is in the corposystem world view, you are required to behave as though all of the natural world is a subset of human conceptualization.

Not long now, we will have to choose sides or lose the field of play.

160320-SantaFe-asc_3631RLsI did that. One day in 2006 I sat at the end of my driveway in my old white Ford pickup and realized that we cannot solve our human problems from inside our corposystem worldview that created the problems. I decided then and there, ten years ago, that I would approach my life from that time forward trying to think like a system. As though I were a system. And it has been difficult even for me, with all the background that I have in my life as a scientist and a human person, to get my human head around some of the Biosystem needs for its survival.

So it’s hard, but that is an entirely different subject that has nothing to do with the fact that we will soon have to choos. In fact, we are choosing every day — with everything we do. What do we want more – compassionate recognition of the effect our behaviors have on other people and all sentient beings? Or, like a child, do we want what we want — no matter what?

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Bare Bones Biology 306 – Butterflies

I want to explain something in 600 words that may not be possible, and that is a relationship between or among butterflies. These are not real butterflies, but a metaphor that we have been applying to different but interconnected mental constructs.


“At the edge of chaos emerges creativity” – emergence, an ugly sort of term that has been shortened and verbified by the corposystem in its never ending effort to make believe that humans control Life rather than the other way around. I keep talking about the corposystem world view because I believe it is the cause of our current malaise and will end in enormous suffering of humans and all other sentient beings. So today I am talking about the metaphor of butterflies that the corposystem world view uses BOTH in trying to describe the creativity at the edge of unstable natural phenomena such as weather (and climate) AND as the emergence of beauty, of Life, from the cocoon of its origins on Earth.



Like concepts without rationale, these metaphors flutter around our heads as we use them to support whatever we believe – rather than informing their beauty at a higher level by incorporating their source, the amazing reality of Life itself and our part in it, and what I am about to say about these metaphors, in my effort to align them with factual reality rather than with human wish-stories, what I am about to say may also lie at the edge of chaos where naturally evolved systems emerge and where they must inevitably either change, in order to conform with the Law of Life that makes Life of Earth possible –


or die.


We probably can agree that Life itself was not created by humans and the Laws of Nature that nurture Life were also not created by humans. These facts suggest that we humans (especially the corposystem, as it now contains the most overt human power) that we would all be better off if we were to align our power with the needs of Life rather than continue our historic and unsustainable battle to conquer the Earth and all that lives thereon. No matter who created it.


Who created it is not the point of life or death, except that our behaviors are strongly controlled by our worldview (a naturally evolved system).


Corposystem Cycle


A system that is available to our evolution. A naturally evolving system that we could be using to align ourselves with The Law of Life, but for the most part we are not.


I am not now talking about the “bad guys.” I have noticed that the “bad guys” most often know exactly what they are doing. Because they enjoy what they are doing. I am now talking about you and me. The “good guys.” It is time we stop sacrificing ourselves to the corposystem ethic in the belief that we are changing the corposystem ethic. We are not – we are ‘ENABLING” the addictive corposystem ethic that would have long since crashed were it not for our good intentions.



The corposystem ethic does not solve the problem, either in the hands of the bad guys or in the hands of you and me.


So then the question becomes not about behaviors, but about worldviews. How does the butterfly of a biologically rational, sustainable worldview emerge from the corposystem that believes it IS biologically rational, but in reality is just turning the dominance wheel one way (the “good guys”) or the other way (the “bad guys”) neither of which bows to the reality of the Law of Life?


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Bare Bones Biology 305 – Survival

As the processes of Life proceed through time, each in intimate relationship with its environments, change happens. Life changes over time. I think you already know this, but that is not the interesting part of the story. It is not the system itself (for example, the Human species as a system, or the power that we humans wield, or even our individual commitment) that generates the change over time inside some specified environment. Rather, the environment imposes change upon the system (for example us). And the result of this “dance among the systems” determines which systems survive. We do not need to fight for survival of our system — we only need to know what is required of us to enhance to coalition of all the naturally evolved systems – and do it.
160316-New Elm-asc_3538RSs
However, this is not usually what happens, because naturally evolved systems most often do not change course. They usually become more and more of whatever is their primary specialized attribute, until the system collapses, and some new baby system arises that fits itself neatly into a nurturing niche within Life.


This is because a naturally evolved system is set up to protect itself from change. Its prime directive is to perpetuate itself, and all the little bits and interacting pieces of the system do just that. For example, consider the corposystem as a model, because I have already used the giraffe so many times it becomes boring. The corposystem is set up, organized, naturally evolved to perpetuate itself by making money through growth and making growth through dominance. This is what all its bits and pieces (let’s say all the people trained in the American TV dominated educational system) are set up to do.


That’s different from giraffes, because it is the genome of the giraffe that is set up to grow a long neck to interact with an environment of treetop browsing. But we are not talking about genetics or giraffes, we are talking about naturally evolved systems, and the corposystem is a naturally evolved social system composed of people in their environment.


Because the function of any system is to use its parts to maintain itself, and because of the amazing success of behaviors – therefore it is in large part human behaviors that maintain the corposystem.   And what directs human behaviors? For the most part it is the human world view that directs human behaviors. Humans born, raised and trained within the corposystem educational system maintain the corposystem world view by their behaviors.


Now along comes a threat to the survival of the corposystem worldview of growth by domination for gain. What is the threat?


Overpopulation. Physics. Energy. Growth is impossible beyond the ability of our Bios to feed us. And we cannot change physics or energy. They are what they are.


Still, the function of a naturally evolved system is to maintain itself, and the only way it knows how to do this is to use its imprinted (evolved, educated, inherited) worldview.


So we try harder and harder to grow – and more violently to dominate – until we are destroying other naturally evolved parts of the Bios — and that changes the Bios from a cornucopia of biological wealth to a dessert of thirst and hunger.


And what will happen if you try to have this conversation with a citizen of the corposystem?


The function of a biologically evolved system is to maintain ITSELF.   That does not mean to survive. It means to be what it is at any cost, and when the environment in which it can flourish changes, as we have changed it, the cost is, indeed, our survival.


Because that is how evolution functions. That is the process by which naturally evolved systems interact with their internal systems and environmental systems to generate viable complexity.   By killing off the parts of the system that do not contribute to the viable complexity of the system.


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