Bare Bones Biology 303 – Premises

FYI, here are my premises


  1. All of our universe is composed of naturally evolved systems. I am a naturally evolved system, part of the human species that is also a naturally evolved system. The corposystem has evolved within the human species and is now our primary western world view (system). The corposystem and the human species and I are all part of the naturally evolved Biosystem, which is also a much more ancient and powerful naturally evolved system — but the Biosystem is not human.
  2. Humans cannot change facts. This is by definition; it’s why we call them facts. Basically there are two kinds of facts: Historical facts (human and evolutionary) and functional facts that are now mostly studied by physicists (Laws of Thermodynamics, gravity, Law of Life includes evolution, complexity and how systems evolve). To the extent that we understand these facts, we can use them but we cannot change how they function to maintain the integrity of the universe (thus of Life). Evolution, for example, cannot go backward, but can only go forward as described by the laws of physics and the facts of Life.
  3. No human is to blame (because no human can control) the facts of Life that naturally evolve more complex systems from less complexity, and have been doing so as far as we know from the origin of our universe. The human species is more likely or less likely to survive, however, depending on our behavior, and our behavior does arise out of their world view.
  4. Science is the study of measurable facts using the scientific method. Technology is not science; technology is tool-making. Science is not technology.
  5. We humans have a problem.   Therefore we look for causes. Problems of this magnitude cannot be solved by workarounds or by denial. They require that we address the fact of the physical cause of the problem. Precisely as the problem-solving involved when we try to cure a parasitic disease by cutting its life cycle.
  6. Denial or mourning or other normal reactions are normal but they cannot change our problem. Our problem is that we happen to be living in the final stages of a classic biological overpopulation event affecting humankind, and the reality of that overpopulation event prevents us from resolving most of our current other human problems that we could otherwise resolve — because we cannot FIX the other problems (war, economics, human rights, the human problems, as opposed to the Biosystem problem) until and unless we can provide for the survival needs of people without threatening the survival needs of the Biosystem.


  1. Either we address this or we don’t. However, we should understand, as we make this choice, that we are choosing to NOT address the root functional cause of most of our current human problems.

Personal Goal/opinions

  1. My goal as an individual system and part of a species (system) is to identify the worldview that has caused our present problems, so that I can evaluate160315-bonded-asc_3552Ss my own behaviors relative to the needs of the Biosystem and share that information with others. My reason for doing this is that all overpopulation events end in crashes, and we humans do have some control over how much suffering, of all sentient beings, results from our population crash, which seems already to have begun, if we are willing to defy the corposystem ban on productive discussion of substantive issues.


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