Bare Bones Biology 301 – Sick

If your body is sick, then all the sub-systems that are part of your body – liver, kidney, gut, all that — are equally in danger because they are a part of you. In fact, they interact-communicate-cooperate with each other to help you recover. In the same way, the subsystems of the Biosystem – all the species including humans, each to its own task — all interact to maintain our naturally evolved Biosystem. And also our social system, the corporate/political corposystem. That is how naturally evolved systems survive, and they are able to accomplish these things because each is characterized by complexity, resilience, and its unique emergent paradigm that it uses to sustain itself by interacting/communicating with the others.


The primary function of a naturally evolved system is to perpetuate itself.


Our corposystem is one example of a naturally evolved system that is failing because its emergent paradigm (growth by domination for profit) is no longer able to interact (communicate/behave) positively within the emergent paradigm of the Biosystem (Life of Earth). Instead of supporting it, the corposystem is causing great harm to the Biosystem.


This is not what we humans want; we want a sustainable social system.


160227-balloon-asc_3261Rs copyMy purpose today is to describe one of the very many ways the corposystem induces you and me to help sustain its paradigm, even though it is no longer working for our well being; just one example of many techniques that prevent us effectively and efficiently dealing with climate change and overpopulation. This one is a three-step process.


1 – First, in this example, the corposystem denies the reality of climate change and overpopulation, in spite of the overwhelming evidence. At the same time the corposystem punishes many people who know the science and are willing to share the knowledge. And it rewards those willing to spread misinformation, either through ignorance or by design.


The basic technique here is to assert that there is no such thing as facts or expertise; that everyone’s opinion is of equal value and benefit. In this way, step one creates confusion and prevents effective action.


2 – Second, when people begin to doubt the denial, the corposystem stirs the pot with fake debates. Fake debate might ask an invalid question, such as: “Is climate change caused by sunspots or by glacial melting?” In fact, neither of these realities is the primary cause of climate change, but the debate will rage around which technologies might prevent one or the other, even though no technology is likely to succeed.


Meantime the corposystem can empower itself (through growth by domination for profit), by starting new and more profitable wars, which also will not resolve the problem. And nobody will talk about the other option, which is to eliminate the root cause of the climate change.


The basic technique here is to debate symptoms (preferably irrelevant symptoms) as though they were causes of climate change, and war — so the people will not recognize that the root cause of climate change, and war, is overpopulation.


This also sets one professional discipline against another discipline, implying to the sociologist that all would be well if people were to understand sociology, same with economists, same with the religious groups, same with the military, etc. – while at the same time failing to make available information that is relevant to the cause of climate change and overpopulation.


3 – Third, when the people from all the disciplines begin to realize that climate change is real and it’s bigger than any one discipline — which is just about now — the corposystem jumps on the bandwagon to proclaim, oh, oops, climate change is real after all, we must all get together to cure climate change, and the best cure obviously is — growth by domination for profit.


First Next Step is to claim that there is no such thing as overpopulation.



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This blog/podcast was inspired by reading Chapter One of book in process by Gary Gripp on the subject of – shall we say the legacy of our older generations?   Unintended Consequences? Sick!