Bare Bones Biology 290 – What Can we Do?

We could try to evolve a sustainable new human social system to replace the corposystem paradigm that requires us to behave in terms of growth for gain, now that growth for gain is no longer sustainable.

Are some people already trying to do this?  Of course they are, there are many good efforts, most of which I do not know about because there are so many small efforts, and they are focused on Biosystem needs rather than advertising, because for the most part (but not entirely), the most admired and “successful” groups are successful beASC_1094*cause they are working within the corposystem paradigm of growth by competition for gain, and we cannot do that while at the same time working for the balanced sustainability of human life on earth.

Because it is the corposystem paradigm of growth by competition for gain that is the primary root cause of the problem we are trying to cure.

We cannot succeed in changing the corposystem paradigm by spending all our energies inside the corposystem paradigm.  We cannot grow our actions using competition without supporting and reinforcing the corposystem paradigm of growth by competition because it is growth itself that must inevitably unbalance (or over-balance) the corposystem so badly that it crashes,.  All we need do is wait – and many people are doing that.

But, at least we are finally talking about the right thing, the root cause of the array of human social problems, which is growth.  Over=growth of the human social system compared with all the other systems that sustain the Biosystem.  The Biosystem (that is Life, our environmental system) requires balance.

Will it take another 60 years or so before we can  understand you can’t do degrowth (that is rebalancing) of humans relative to the environment — while at the same time forcing growth of humans?  Without causing massive human suffering?  It is astonishing that we can talk about growth and degrowth as though those words were all completely separate from more than 7 billion – or is it 8 billion now? People.  While we could be making birth control available to everyone who wants it as a first tentative step in the right direction.  ASC_1079 copyHow can we expect economists and politicians to pull back on the technologies and etc., while just not concerning themselves about the growth in population?  Callous, that’s us.

Degrowth is absolutely essential or we will all suffer greatly;
We can’t have degrowth without degrowth.

This is what I hear people arguing about on the internet?
Does that make sense?
Then why are we still trying to force people who do not want babies to have babies?

It does not make sense.  Neither our arguments nor our behaviors.  It’s time to do something worthwhile.

I think all this nonsense is happening largely because we are allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by one little corposystem meme that isn’t even correct, and it is the same meme that created Hitler’s – or at least justified Hitler’s world view.  And I think that’s one reason we won’t talk about it.  “Survival of the Fittest” is the meme and it is incorrect.  That is NOT primarily how evolution works, so we are killing ourselves over something that isn’t even true.

Survival of the fittest does NOT refer to – let’s say all the rabbits fighting with each other and killing each other off.  Survival of the fittest doesn’t even say whatever we mean by fitness.  What we really mean by fitness is survival of the most useful SPECIES, not the individuals in the species, and then we must define useful.  ASC_1081 copy

Useful must mean the COMBINATION of species that can help the ENVIRONMENT (the Biosystem) to survive.  That is how evolved systems do survive, how evolution works, and nearly all our corposystem message is based on an opposite concept — competition – us against the Biosystem.  Not us helping the Biosystem to survive.  Well, if we keep it up, the Biosystem will not survive, or only the bare bones of it, and neither will Homo sapiens within it.

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