Bare Bones Biology 284 – No More War

It may have been best expressed by someone who years ago told me that humans are trapped in a cycle that he claimed cannot be broken. I believe the cycle could be broken, but not so long as we won’t talk about it. So long as we ignore the basic cause of this cycle, we will simply rotate that wheel one more time.

From horror to recoil to compassion to (what, maybe ego or pride or ignorance or all three) that leads us back to horror again.


My fathers’ generation, in their deep commitment to “no more war,” made some mistakes. As a result, I have watched the full cycle in my life, from WWII to WWIII. The greatest horror for me is that we are responsible for WWIII.

I want to talk about those mistakes because we are still making them, and because they are the focus of my activism.


My premise is: if God created the world (and the universe, but my interest is the living world) then the ways in which it functions – that is the Laws of Nature that geCyclenerate and sustain Life – are what they are because God meant them to function that way, or because that is the only way they could function to give rise to what we think of as Life. And finally, my premise is that we are collectively ignoring some of these laws of nature that we DO understand but that we don’t like. What I call the down side. In other words, that we are accepting the part of God’s works that we like and shunning/denying the part we don’t like. The relevance here — we humans do know that Life (including us) operates in the present time as nested and interacting systems governed by natural laws, and not like an either-or pendulum as some earlier humans believed; but we ignore the implications of that fact. If you don’t like God, it changes nothing I have said.

Our western culture teaches us to think in a dualistic, linear manner, like a pendulum or a balance scale, with either-or choices. That world view is useful for making simple machines, but it represents only a small subset of real-world functions of a Life system.


In a dualistic pendulum, the way to prevent wrong is to push back with right and whoever pushes the hardest (or most effectively) wins. This is not how the universe really functions. Our universe consists of nested, interacting systems and their emergent properties. In a system, and we have done a great deal of this in medicine, this is not an abstraction, the way to prevent the illness is NOT to push back at its manifestations, but to cut the cause of the cycle at its roots. The Dalai Lama has said this also.


More realistically, to save ourselves, we must do both. We must push back at the hatred and violence, but that is not enough. If we really want to fix the problem we must also cut the problem at its root cause (rather like cutting the life cycle of a parasite to break the long chain of causes, effects, feedback loops and emergent properties) while at the same time we treat the right/wrong, good/bad symptoms. In our present biological environment, either approach without the other will fail.


If we only cut the root cause without helping the victims who exist today, then millions of people now afflicted will suffer. On the other hand, if we only deal with those currently afflicted, and do not at the same time cut the root cause, then we will have more and more suffering over time. Forever.

What do I propose that we do? How to do it? The first step is simply to stop denying factual realities that t120806-Nukes-ASC_9760hreaten our welfare. Simply discuss the reality, and so replace the denial from which so many people today are profiting on both sides of the love-hate pendulum. Replace it with knowledge about how the system of Life really does function – knowledge and discussion that would of itself expose the profiteers and lead toward solutions.


This is Bare Bones Biology, a production of and KEOS FM 89.1 in Bryan, Texas.


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