Bare Bones Biology 275 – Deep Time

The corposystem is a human social system that gets its resources from the Biosystem and maintains its own emergent qualities by (among other things) the interactions among the people who drive the system. The available roles are primarily — the victims, the heroes and the villains.


If you are a part of the corposystem, and you simply want to switch roles, from victim to hero, for example, then the way to do that is to honor the corposystem code, which is growth by domination, either domination by superior power or by superior numbers. If you try to use some other method, you will be silenced as I have been, by the simple reality that people will not listen to you because you are trying to do something they do not understand. They do not understand, because other world views are not logical within the corposystem world view (growth by domination for gain). If your goal is growth within the corposystem (which is the same as growth OF the corposystem) then I would say yes that will probably work, go out and grow the system and achieve your rewards.


That is not what I want to do. What I want to do is change the system. The reason I want to change the system is because it is not sustainable. It will crash, because it has already used up the resources and is operating on money rather than real goods. So, how do we change a system?


You can’t change a system by doing more and more of whatever created the system in the first place.


Growing a system that is based on growth-by-domination will not change the system, it will only create more victims of domination, as your movie vividly demonstrates. Except the movie was created from within the corposystem world view and therefore wants you to believe that the victims are created by villains.   The victims are not PRIMARILY generated by the villains. They are crated by the corposystem world view, including the victim-villain-hero cycle that energizes that world view.


The victim/villain/hero dynamic is INSIDE the corposystem, rather like an engine is inside a car system. The dynamic keeps the system moving forward through time. The emergent dynamic is MAINTAINED by and maintains (the function of a system is to maintain itself) this dynamic. Growth by domination for gain. It is a system – a never-ending cycle. Unless we humans can use our brains to change the system, we can achieve growth and/or domination and/or gain from within the corposystem, but we cannot change the domination ethic that is abhorrent to you and to me. The way to do that – to get rid of the domination ethic — is to grow a different system that is sustainable, arises out of a different root cause and generates a different emergent ethic.


The most important root flaw in corposystem world view is the assumption that humans are separate from biological systems. It is from this false assumption that corposystem arrogance (and the male dominant abusive behaviors that we both deplore) arise.


The best biological example I can give of how to do what you want to do is the corposystem itself, and you already understand the corposystem better than I do. You have been highly successful within it, but I suspect your frustration is that your success has not changed the domination dynamic of the system. And it won’t, because your success, like all success, simply empowers the dynamic of the system within which it arises; it does not change the system.


Why should we want to change it? I mean besides the domination ethic?
Because — growth by domination for profit is not sustainable. It is physically not viable in its present environment, and the corposystem is falling apart for that reason. The system cannot maintain itself within its present environment (which is LIFE, the Biosystem). The corposystem is dying; the links are breaking and the nodes are collapsing. The corposystem (growth by domination for profit) cannot survive.


“In today’s world it is imperative that all of us learn the following core principle:

            “Human society is inextricably part of a global biotic community, and in that community human dominance has had and is having self-destructive consequences.”


William R. Catton, Jr. 1980. Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Refolutionary Change. U. Illinois Press.


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As the links and nodes fail, fall apart from each other, recombine in various new ways, the result is increasing diversity. New baby systems, one or more of which conceivaboly might be or become sustainable in our new environment. This is what the Law of Life does when systems are falling apart, as explained in the chapter one reference I gave you. It is not the corposystem separating us; it is the natural processes of the Law of Life. In times when a system is not sustainable within its environment, the Law of Life generates diversity. At times of great success and compatibility of a system within its environment, the Law of Life generates reduced diversity and more intricate specialization of the sustainable system.


At this time of stress between the unsustainable corposystem and its environment, we humans have three basic choices. Well, of course, four. We can pretend it isn’t happening and watch all our dreams go down the tubes while blaming someone else. We do not choose that one. Alternatively, we must choose between supporting the corposystem with our behaviors, or supporting the LIFE system. We cannot do both because the corposystem is physically not viable (cannot live into the future). The remaining choice is to try to generate a new system that is compatible with LIFE.


For myself, it is a more exciting idea to generate a NEW ETHIC that could be sustainable, would certainly reduce suffering, and could possibly save the future of humans on earth. The other options are not as exciting a challenge, nor as heroic a goal.


If we really want to “grow” a different system, we must begin with the facts of LIFE – not with the false assumptions inherent in the corposystem world view, because we are not separate from the Law of Life that in my opinion is the most powerful natural law in the universe. If we want to accomplish sustainable benefits, this can only be done by obeying and conforming to the Law of LIFE. The Law of LIFE revolves around life itself and how LIFE perpetuates itself by balancing the components that are essential to LIFE. Humans cannot change that fact, because unbalancing the components of LIFE kills LIFE, at least LIFE as we know and require it for our survival.


The only conceivable way we can survive is to stop believing that we can control the Law of Life. We must instead put our minds to creating a new world view that is dedicated to survival within the facts of biology – not parallel or analogous to nature because, again, that is physically impossible. There is no difference between us and nature. The only way we can survive is by using the “Powers of the Weak” to conform ourselves to the Law of Life – not to change it. We CANNOT CHANGE IT. The only thing we CAN change is our world views and our behaviors that result from our world views.