Bare Bones Biology 274 – Me

Sorry I’m so erratic lately.  Travelling, moving, hot.  And hot under the collar.


Bare Bones Biology 274 – Me



Let’s pretend that humans are not the center of the universe, that we are not omnipotent, not omniscient, and we did not create the idea of systems. Oh, really? Then how did systems get here? Some people claim that our minds generate reality, that it’s all in our heads – that we are the only reality and everything else in the universe is only a human dream.


Good grief! For three reasons.


1) It’s a metaphor, the claim that reality is all in the human perceptions. Metaphors are descriptions of things that are beyond our factual understanding. Most of everything is beyond our factual comprehension.

But the great evolution of basic science is the understanding that factual reality is more powerful than opinions, fantasies and metaphors, that the facts are the rules, and if we don’t follow the rules we die.

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2) Nevertheless, humans are still willing to kill other humans for believing in measurable facts, and a big part of why we do this is because we want to believe in a melodrama that puts us at the center of the system. We laugh at historic atrocities, such as the debate over whether or not the sun revolves the earth, and then we carelessly cause the deaths of other humans, by starvation, war, and a host of so-called “environmental diseases” that are not caused by the environment, but by our own septic wastes, and our overpopulation, that we could control – but we would rather pretend that we are at the center of reality.


In the beginning was the question, and the question was human, but if the question was human – then of course it could not have been in the beginning, because we have answered that question – the physicists have, and so have all of our origin stories, and it is clear that humans were not present in the beginning.


Therefore, humans did not invent systems; there were systems before there were humans. In fact – humans are systems, and we may as well call us evolved systems because everything from the beginning onward seems to have been created by a relationship between the laws of nature and the same processes that subsequently generated LIFE. Like, the first a “big bang,” whatever that was, created matter out of energy, and from that time forward there were processes that obeyed the laws of nature – like, gravity, positive and negative energy relationships, things orbiting around other things, and something I have not heard anyone discuss that causes systems, once they are formed, to maintain themselves for as long as possible.


This is true. The function of an evolved system is to maintain itself, and it has been true from the beginning, so it has nothing to do with whatever economists or other business persons have finally figured out. We knew this before there were economists or physicists or business persons. We just didn’t have a name for it. We called it God or nature or “the forest” or whatever words we had, if any, at whatever time we happened to notice that our environment and the processes that make it operate, are more powerful than we are, and there are rules, and if you break the rules you die.


3) It’s as true as it can be: Humans are not the center of the universe, so all of you who can’t believe that the truth is true – carry on with the barbarism caused by your fairy tales, but at least you should let the rest of us try to figure out something a little more humane that we can do to actually make life better for others, and not only for our own central selves.


After all, we do still have the same choice we always have had. We can face reality and survive, or we can play those silly “me” games and destroy the future of our own species.


This is Bare Bones Biology, a production of and KEOS, 89.1 FM, in Bryan, TX.


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