Bare Bones Biology 273 – Healthy Living in TA

Sage Coyote Farms, located in Tierra Amarilla (get your tongue around that, you anglos, or just say TA) is featured this month in Chama Valley Times, Chama, New Mexico.

Conlan and Gayle met and married a couple of years ago, and settled down on family land in the Chama River Valley, producing vegetables and meat (150718-FarmerMarket-ASC_8369RRLs    and soon an orchard) that are grown without artificially added hormones or other unnatural chemicals, first for their own use, and then sharing the excess at the Farmer’s market.

Gayle says: “While I was researching about food, personal care and cleaning products, I was also introduced to the local food movement.”

I remember Gayle from a farmers’ market in Chama a couple of years ago, and I met Conlan at the Farmers’ Market a couple of weeks ago. And the more I heard about Sage Coyote Farms, of course, the more my photographers’ finger bega150901-SageCoyote-ASC_9396RSsn to itch. So last week we went out to the farm for a visit.

That day I bought eggs from their pastured chickens, and also greens from their pampered garden. Their mixed greens enhance my new dinner regimen. I chop up a pile of greens, put them in a big glass bowl, dress with Japanese plum vinegar and mirin, and top with whatever hot food is on the menu – cooked carrots, potatoes, squash, peas, beets. Some rice and beans or other protein source and, finally, raw tomatoes and a slice of bread. An excellent one-dish meal, easy to make, and all ingredients available at Sage Coyote Farms or at your local health food store (but not quite as fresh).

The livestock at Sage Coyote Farms defi150901-SageCoyote-asc_9379RLSsnitely are not your usual “production farm” personalities. For the most part, these actually enjoy being around people, beginning with the dog challenge, and ending with the pasture-raisedpigs and yaks. They have obviously been well treated.

Organically raised animals of course help with the improvement of the entire land area, and especially the garden soil that can be enhanced over time without the addition of chemicals made from our depleting oil reserves, or deposits taken from wildlife colonies that are also rapidly being disappearing. In addition to being healthy for the eater, it is far more compassionate toward our future generations of humans when we live sustainably so that what we leave is better than we found it an150901-SageCoyote-asc_9436RLSs copyd able to support our future generations of humans in reasonable comfort. And of course, a self-sufficient life style is far more secure just for ourselves, during those frequent times when our economy is not healthy.

So, we came away from Sage Coyote Farms with admiration for the hard work done there, and for our opportunity to share the healthy food.

I’ll let the pictures continue the Sage Coyote story at, and, in case you also suffer from environmental toxins, below are  the most useful compounds I have found for keeping clean and healthy, while avoiding chemical illnesses.

List of relati150901-SageCoyote-asc_9566RSsvely safe products:


Hand soap, Zum

Clorox bleach, the original (in moderation)


Original Windex

Original Bon Ami

Alcohol for external use: internally it is a toxic chemical

“ALL” Free and Clear laundry detergent

Dishmate Free and Clear dish detergent

“Working Hands” or “working Feet” lotion

Redken clear moisture shampoo without special additives.

BAN roll-on deodorant, unscented.

Nothing with perfume

Nothing that burns or smokes

Avoid plastics, especially perfumed plastics

Or any cleaning products that contain perfume or plastic micro-scrubbers that stic in your your lungs.

Nothing else..

If you experience nausia, migraines, the draggies, or brain fog, try the new lifestyle, safe food and safe chemicals, for at least three months. If that doesn’t help you, then check out the chemicals that come to you in the air you breath and the water you drink, and especially in your place of work.

This is Bare Bones Biology, a production of and KEOS 89.1 FM in Bryan, Texas.]

A copy of this podcast can be downloaded at:


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