Bare Bones Biology 272 – Woman Power

Evolution is NOT A COMPETITION. It is essentially a collaboration between a system and its environment which includes other systems functioning within a bigger, more complex system. The surviving systems are those that are of most benefit to the dominant system. Not those that kill off other systems. For example, the human body is a system that is greatly benefited by the kidney, which is a subsystem of our body and is essential to our welfare. The human body would not benefit from a competition between the kidney and the lungs. They don’t compete; they collaborate.

Homo sapiens is in deep doodoo today (in more ways than one) because we have evolved a human social system that I refer to as the corposystem, that is in open COMPETITION with the Biosystem, rather than making ourselves essential to the welfare of the Biosystem of which we are an integral part.

Similarly as the kidney is a subsystem of us, Homo sapiens is a sub-system of the living Biosystem.


Joseph Campbell has said:

         “The goal of life

is to make your heartbeat

match the beat of the universe,

to match your nature with nature.”

He is right. This is a choice for every one of us; unfortunately, most of us have chosen to align ourselves with the human corposystem (glory, fame, dominance, superiority, “leadership,” and WINNING) rather than with the universal Biosystem (wise compassion, win-win, and a vision of interacting systems working for the welfare of the whole).

As a result of our choice to compete with the Biosystem, rather than to match our nature with nature, we are now at the cutting edge of a whole set of problems, the root cause of which we refuse to acknowledge, though we know well enough the truth of it, if we were to listen to our basic science rather than to our technological prowess.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama has written:

            “If you want to get rid of painful effects, you have to get rid of their causes.”


Wisdom is: “analyzing the facts and discerning the actual situation.”

If we want our species to survive in this world, the way to do it is to understand the facts and the realities of the system within which we are trying to survive.

I began this blog five years ago pointing out to my readers that the Biosystem is a more powerful force than the corposystem. I thought the readers would just naturally understand that it is foolhardy in the extreme to take arms against a power that is infinitely greater than one’s self. Especially when it is so very much easier to collaborate toward a win-win solution. It turns out most of my readers do not understand this fact of life — especially if they were raised in the corposystem.

150902-WP-asc_9574RL2Ss copyI think these issues were arising in our recent retreat, but I think they arose in a form that grew out of our corposystem experiences and so were expressed in corposystem language, more than in the Language of Life. Is it perhaps our Biosystem power for which we seek? This is not what the corposystem teaches. We won’t find it in competition for resources (including jobs). We might find it in rebalancing the systems. “Male dominance?” What is that? Biosystem imbalance more likely. Not male dominance over women, but corposystem imbalance (power by domination) as a way of life that has created a whole set of problems the root cause of which we are taught to not question.

The bottom line is the same, but I would like to see it properly labeled so we can more consciously work toward the survival ethic.   Women and men are more likely to benefit our communal future by growing our so-called “woman power,” which tends to consider relationships among systems, rather than by emulating the so-called “male power” that in our culture tends toward domination and destruction.

In fact, now that we have “liberated” women and other traditionally “weak” populations, by teaching them how to “think like men,” (yes an actual quote from a well-intended male peer) the women seem to be sacrificing their own powers in favor of a striving after the “male-dominant ethic” of our human corposystem that operates on the basis of forced growth to accomplish domination. If that statement sounds obtuse, please consider our corposystem method of exerting power by increasing the numbers of humans relative to the amounts of resources and re-labelling that effort as “human rights.” If one already HAS the power, then this strategy is certain to enhance one’s own power by reducing the powers of others through increase of poverty and war. And that i what we are doing.

The overall question is: Do we want to be a part of the Biosystem or do we want to be a part of the corposystem? Because the two are mutually exclusive.

This is Bare Bones Biology, a production of and KEOS 89.1 FM in Bryan, Texas.

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Joseph Campbell quoted by Diane Osbon in,  A Joseph Campbell Companion. 1991. HarperCollins

Becoming Enlightened by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, translated, edited and read by Jeffrey Hopkins, PhD. 2009. Simon & Schuster

Powers of the Weak by Elizabeth Janeway.







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